Whether or not you can live in an apartment with a dog is always the subject of debate. The Beagle is a very popular dog breed, and it’s not uncommon to see them in an urban setting. But is this environment really suitable for this type of dog? Or would you risk your Beagle being unhappy living in an apartment?

Can I Live in an Apartment with a Beagle?

The short answer is: yes, so long as certain conditions are met. For some, having a dog in an apartment is to be avoided at all costs due to lack of space, boredom, no garden, etc. There are plenty of reasons not to do it. However, we tend to think that small to medium-sized dogs will be much more comfortable in a small space, where larger dogs would quickly feel cramped. But this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, some giant dog breeds, like the Great Dane or the Bernese Mountain Dog, would be much happier in an apartment close to their master, than alone in a big garden. It's all about understanding the breed that appeals to you. 

For a Beagle, life in an apartment is possible, under certain conditions! Beagles, like all good hunting dogs, need to exercise and run. Their small but muscular physique makes them very athletic, tireless doggies. In addition to the short walks you take each day to allow your pooch to do their business, make sure to schedule at least one long walk a day, of about an hour and a half. Make your dog run as much as possible and allow them to smell and sniff lots of new scents. On your days off, take your Beagle hiking in the forest or the countryside or for a walk by the sea. They will gladly join you for all your favourite activities, such as cycling, running, or even swimming. If you live near a dog park, allow your pooch to meet and play with other dogs: it's excellent for their socialisation!

A Beagle’s happiness living in an apartment also depends on your ability to set up a good dog training routine. Your pooch needs to learn how to handle being alone, to avoid them developing bad behaviours such as barking. Start at an early age with short absences of a few minutes at a time, then gradually increase the duration, until your dog can be left alone for a few hours. Be careful, however, not to leave your pooch alone for too long. If you’re out at work, try to come home for lunch and take your Beagle for a walk to break up their day. If you can't make it home, ask an acquaintance, friend, or neighbour to pop in on your dog; you can even hire a dog sitter. Finally, purchase some brain games for your dog to play with while you're gone, to stimulate their mind and keep them occupied. Beagles are greedy dogs who love treats, so toys like the Kong which involve getting a treat at the end are ideal!


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What are the Ideal Living Conditions for a Beagle?

Beagles are scent hounds and pack dogs. As such, they appreciate being able to grow up alongside other dogs. And as good hunting dogs, they also like to run and use their impressive sense of smell to hunt prey. This dog breed thrives in the countryside, in a big house with a large garden, for example, where they can exercise at will. Be careful, however, to properly fence your garden! Beagles have a bit of a runaway streak at times and won't hesitate to scamper off if the opportunity presents itself.

Is a Beagle the Right Dog for Me?

The ideal master for a Beagle is available, understanding, and patient. The Beagle is a very gentle and docile dog breed in general, but can also be stubborn at times. You should never be violent towards a Beagle because they are very sensitive and could turn against you.

Beagles also need athletic, active owners, who match their energy. Someone who enjoys hiking in the mountains and countryside, or walks on the beach. Beagles are very suitable for hunters, as well. If you don’t hunt, consider taking your pooch to participate in canine activities on the weekends, so that they can stretch their legs. Opt for things such as tracking, where the Beagle really excels, or even agility, canicross, treibball, or flyball. At the end of the day, Beagles who get to do lots of things they enjoy every day are the happiest!

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