The Belgian Malinois is an energetic dog breed that needs a lot of exercise each day. But in addition to long walks and outdoor activities, you also need to provide your dog with something to keep them busy while you’re gone.

Why Buy Toys for Your Dog?

All dog breeds need both physical and intellectual stimulation to feel balanced and happy. It is therefore essential to provide your pooch with toys and games to keep them occupied while you’re out of the house. The Malinois is a highly intelligent dog, so toys like puzzles will keep their brain occupied and prevent them from getting bored and lonely. If your dog feels bored they could quickly sink into depression and display problematic behaviours, such as destroying your clothes and furniture or barking. And you want to avoid this! A barking dog can create neighbourhood conflict, especially if you live in an apartment in the city.

What Are the Best Toys for a Belgian Malinois?

Take the time to choose the right toys for your Malinois. Opt for toys that are solid and well suited to the size of your dog's jaw. Objects that are too small will easily break in your Mali’s powerful mouth, and your dog could then swallow the pieces and suffocate.


Kongs are classic dog toys. They keep your pooch occupied for long periods of time. The premise is simple: a treat is hidden inside the Kong and it's up to your dog to get it out. Check the size and quality of the item carefully; it needs to be properly resistant to your Belgian Malinois' strong teeth and jaw. This kind of toy also helps promote chewing, which is good for gum health.


Puzzles are a type of brain game that your dog can do on their own. They’re perfect for when you have to leave home without your four-legged friend. Opt for puzzles that offer a reward, such as a healthy dog treat, as this should keep your dog occupied for some time.

Knotted Ropes

It couldn't be simpler: your dog grabs the rope and pulls and chews on it. Beyond its rather basic appearance, the knotted rope helps your pooch to learn self-control, manage their emotions, and let go when you ask them to. It is therefore a great way to further your Belgian Malinois’ training.

Balls and Frisbees

These are also classic dog toys. Although played outdoors, they require minimum investment from you, the owner. Your Mali does all the work! Choose good, strong, quality items to avoid your pooch ingesting small pieces of broken fabric or material, as is often the case with tennis balls, for example.


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What are the Best Activities for a Belgian Malinois

In addition to playing with games and toys, your Belgian Malinois should be able to enjoy regular outdoor activity. This dog breed excels at many canine sports due to its natural agility and strength. You can also take your Mali out running or cycling with you. 


This term simply refers to running with your dog. It is a hybrid of the terms “canine” and “cross country running”. For an athletic dog breed like the Belgian Malinois, running is an excellent way to ensure they get enough exercise. You can buy a special harness designed for this sport, which sits around your waist and allows you to comfortably attach your dog to you while you run. However, it will take some time to adapt to each other’s pace. Teach your dog to run alongside you and follow your lead. Please note: Canicross is not suitable for puppies.


Despite their imposing size, Belgian Malinoises are elegant and agile. This makes them well suited to agility competitions. This increasingly popular canine activity helps your four-legged friend to maintain good physical and mental balance, while also improving their concentration and ability to adapt. During an agility session, your pooch has to traverse an obstacle course as quickly as possible, guided by the voice of their master. Belgian Malinoises are working dogs who like to feel useful. As such, they have no problem following orders and tend to excel at this type of obstacle course.


During tracking competitions, dogs are required to follow a scent trail. Judges may create false leads and your Malinois will have to determine the right path to reach the end of the trail as quickly as possible. Though not hunting dogs by nature, Belgian Malinoises have a formidable sense of smell. They are often used as search and rescue dogs for this reason.

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