Games and activities are essential for helping to keep your Border Collie in good physical shape, but also for maintaining their mental equilibrium. This is a dog breed that cannot stand to be bored or lonely. Border Collies need to be constantly moving to be happy. Hence why they make such great shepherd dogs!

Are Border Collies Athletic?

The Border Collie is one of the best, most hard-working dog breeds. Resilient and very courageous, the Border Collie is also very athletic. Their elegant, muscular frame is quite lightweight, allowing them to run all day without tiring. Border Collies love to spend their time outdoors, whether playing games or herding flocks. Hyperactive in nature, they don't often know when to stop - so be sure to make your pooch slow down when temperatures are high, for example. All that being said, it should come as no surprise that the Border Collie's favourite games are ideally very sporty!

Are Border Collies Playful?

In addition to their great mental capacity and leadership skills, Border Collies are also very playful doggies. Their gentle and kind nature makes them particularly great playmates for children, who also never tire of playing games.

These dogs have many great qualities which allow them to excel at any canine activity. Border Collies enjoy games which involve their intellect, as well as their obedience skills and physical abilities. If you can find an activity that requires all three, even better!


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What Activities Can I Do with My Border Collie?


This increasingly popular activity is ideal for your Border Collie.  It helps your four-legged friend to maintain a good physical and mental balance, while also improving their concentration and ability to adapt. During an agility session, your pooch has to traverse an obstacle course as quickly as possible, guided by the voice of their master. This can help to reinforce your dog's training. Border Collies very often excel at this, thanks to their natural agility and great obedience - you won't be disappointed!


Canicross is the perfect way to tire out your overactive pooch. If you like to run, try doing canicross with your Border Collie so that you can spend time together while practising a high-intensity canine activity. Please note: We strongly discourage canicross for puppies.

Musical Canine Freestyle

Take advantage of your dog's particularly obedient nature to indulge in fun physical activities such as musical canine freestyle, or dog dance. This activity feels more like a game than anything else to your Border Collie. There are even contests you can enter!

It's important to note that, for a canine activity such as this, you may be required to take out pet insurance for you Border Collie.

What Kind of Games Do Border Collies Enjoy?

To ensure that your Border Collie is happy, it's important to find games that they enjoy playing with you, preferably outdoor games that require a lot of energy!


Border Collies love to play fetch. Whether it's a ball, frisbee, or tree branch, take advantage of walks to play this fun doggy classic and help your pooch to expend any excess energy.  And just look at the satisfaction on their face when they bring the object back to you!

Outdoor Games

If you don't have time for a walk, try to play with your Border Collie for at least a quarter of an hour. If you have a garden, take your pooch to play outside - that's what they prefer. However, it's also important to have some indoor games to occupy your Border Collie on rainy days or in your absence.

Brain Games

There are many brain games that you can play with your Border Collie, both indoors and outdoors. These are a great way to keep your dog busy while you're out. Games like hide-and-seek are perfectly suited to the Border Collie's temperament. Other quieter games are fine from time to time, but they should not be the main focus of your playtime. Border Collies are remarkably intelligent dogs, so they might just surprise you!

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