A tireless sheepdog, the Border Collie's coat is perfectly equipped to face less-than-favourable temperatures and weather conditions; their dense undercoat provides good protection against the cold. As such, they are quite capable of sleeping outside. However, if you're planning to let your dog sleep in your garden, you must invest in a good quality kennel.

What's the Best Material for an Outdoor Kennel?

Most of the kennels on the market are made of plastic or wood. Each material has its pros and cons. Plastic kennels have the advantage of being easy to clean, more easily transportable, and also much less expensive. However, they are not so well insulated nor robust and can deteriorate quickly. This means that your Border Collie may be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. On the other hand, though more expensive, wooden kennels offer better insulation both from the cold and the heat. They are also much sturdier and constitute a better investment in the long term.

Place the kennel on a pillory or a concrete slab to elevate it slightly from the ground and improve insulation. It will also help protect your dog against parasites and insects. If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, opt for a kennel with a sloped roof. This prevents water from stagnating and damaging the kennel. Alternatively, if you live in a rather dry area, choose a kennel with a flat roof. Dogs generally enjoy lying down on the flat roof of a kennel, which they use as an observation point to survey their territory; as good sheepdogs, Border Collies enjoy keeping an eye on their property.

What Size Kennel Should My Border Collie Have?

Border Collies don't need a huge kennel. In reality, the right dimensions for a kennel should be perfectly proportionate to the size of your dog: neither too big nor too small. Dogs like to feel surrounded and protected. Additionally, since their kennel does not have heating, your Border Collie will keep warm with their own body heat; if your Border Collie's kennel is too big, they will have a harder time heating the interior. Ideally, your dog's kennel should be about ten centimetres higher than their standing height and a little wider at the sides. Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around without touching the walls.

Where Should I Put My Border Collie's Kennel Outside?

Try to place your dog's kennel in a sheltered corner of your garden, where it will be protected from wind and rain, facing south if possible. During the summer, move your Australian Shepherd's kennel into the shade to protect it from the heat. Remember to always keep a bowl of fresh water nearby, no matter what. Most importantly, never tie your Border Collie up in front of their kennel! Your dog needs to be able to move around as they like.

How Do I Get My Border Collie Used to a New Kennel?

Start getting your dog used to their kennel as soon as possible. If you plan to put your pooch outside to sleep, start training your Border Collie while they're still a puppy. To make the kennel more comfortable, try adding blankets and cushions that smell like you or the pup's mother. Never force your Border Collie puppy to stay in the kennel; it should always be left open, even if it has a small door. Be patient and reward your dog when they go inside their kennel.


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What's the Best Dog Bed for a Border Collie?

The Border Collie's loyal temperament means they get very attached to their family. This also means they will enjoy sleeping in the house if you prefer. Choose a sturdy dog bed. If your dog likes to chew things, choose strong plastic baskets and avoid fabric, leather, or wicker. With the latter, there is a risk that your dog could swallow small pieces of the basket and suffer from intestinal obstruction or suffocate.

You should always choose a dog bed proportionate to your dog's size. When lying down, the edges should just touch your dog on all sides, so that they feel safe and secure but not cramped. Of course, the size of the dog bed will change with your dog's age. A Border Collie puppy will need a smaller dog bed than an adult, for example.

Where’s the Best Place to Put My Border Collie's Dog Bed?

Choose a quiet place. A corner of your living room, for example. This area should be considered your dog's sleeping area, and nothing else. Respect certain rules, such as never disturbing your dog while they're sleeping. If you have children, teach them to respect your Border Collie's sleeping habits.

Try to avoid having your dog's bed in your bedroom. You don't want to encourage their dependence on you. A too-close relationship could create issues like over-attachment and separation anxiety. This sort of anxiety is subsequently very difficult to live with and correct.

Get your Border Collie puppy used to sleeping on their own fairly early on. If, when you first welcome your puppy home, the first few nights are difficult, try placing their dog bed in your bedroom, or just outside your bedroom door, and move it a little further away each day until your pup falls asleep no problem. Be patient and don't get upset with your new dog if they prove difficult for the first few days. Remember that your puppy has just left their mother and siblings to find themselves in an unfamiliar environment.

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