Border Collies are generally very easy to live with and train, so long as their needs are properly met. This is a very affectionate breed, considered to be the smartest in the world. Take advantage of your Border Collie's intelligence by engaging in canine activities that require both their excellent physical form and high intellectual capacity. Not only is your Border Collie always excited to participate, but they also need it to feel good.

Border Collie Temperament: Strengths

The Border Collie is one of the world's favourite dog breeds. And for good reason, these dogs have many great qualities and love the company of humans. Affectionate, with a real "joie de vivre", Border Collies are extremely fond of and loyal to their owners.


The Border Collie's hardworking nature has been appreciated for centuries by us humans, as seen throughout the breed's history as sheepdogs. Tireless, with a real desire to please, Border Collies have a great sense of responsibility. They work hard, unfailingly, and don't stop until the day's work is done. 


The Border Collie is renowned for being a very obedient dog breed. Faithful and docile, they enjoy spending time with their masters and following orders. This way, they stay entertained and earn your approval at the same time. Due to their obedient nature, it's very easy to train a Border Collie, although their dog training should always be done as early as possible, with positive reinforcement.


The Border Collie is considered the most intelligent dog in the world! Their cognitive abilities allow Border Collies to learn very quickly, and adapt to any situation. Not only because they're smart, but also because they're easy to get along with and easy to handle. Be careful, however: like many intelligent dogs, Border Collies will easily spot your inconsistencies. 


Border Collies, like most sheepdogs, are very social with both humans and other animals. These doggies are used to living on the farm with many other species of animals, most of which they were trained to herd and protect. The Border Collie's temperament is also very playful, so they tend to enjoy the company of other furry friends.


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Border Collie Temperament: Weaknesses

As with all dogs (and humans!), the Border Collie does have some character flaws, most of which are common amongst similar dog breeds. It should be noted, however, that so long as the Border Collie's ideal living conditions are respected, these character traits should not be an issue.


The Border Collie is an energetic doggie. It's what makes them so resilient and courageous! As such, they're not the ideal dog to live in an apartment with. They need lots of space and something to keep them busy every day. Border Collies are certainly not the type to spend the afternoon on the sofa! Before adopting a dog of this breed, make sure you have the necessary desire and suitable lifestyle for engaging in sporting activities with your Border Collie as often as possible.


Border Collies cannot stand loneliness and get very attached to their human family. This is why it's essential to start training and socialising your pup from an early age, and to teach them to be alone from time to time, especially at night. If you're out of the house too much, your pooch could develop a mental imbalance that is just as unpleasant for them as it is for you. An unhappy Border Collie will not only manifest their unhappiness in inappropriate behaviours like destruction or excessive barking, but it can also present as more or less serious canine diseases.

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