Cane Corsi don't need much - just food, exercise, and lots of love! Thanks to their muscular build and good-quality coat, these dogs are relatively easy to take care of. However, they do need to be fed fairly consistently.

Cane Corso Care

The Cane Corso requires very little care and maintenance. This is an independent doggy in every sense! The Cane Corso breed is descended from ancient Rome and hasn't been altered too much by humans. This is why these dogs are still quite robust. Although they enjoy the company of humans immensely, they are capable of being left alone from time to time and can spend their day standing guard.

Nonetheless, you still need to provide your Cane Corso with the basic care that all dogs need:

  • Excellent quality food

  • Regular antiparasitic treatments

  • Daily physical exercises and games

  • One vet check-up per year

  • Weekly brushing and regular cleaning of the eyes and ears     

Cane Corso Grooming

Although the Cane Corso's build is large and imposing, they are still very easy dogs to groom. Thanks to their short coat and good quality undercoat, you only need to brush your Cane Corso once a week. These doggies shed very little hair! If necessary, you can brush your dog's coat several times a week during moulting periods, in spring and autumn. After each walk, remember to check your Cane Corso's coat for ticks by stroking it - you'll be able to feel if a pesky parasite has lodged there! 

To properly care for your Cane Corso, you also need to clean their eyes, teeth, and ears. Dry dog food is great for maintaining your dog's oral health - but that doesn't mean you don't need to brush their teeth now and then. Finally, remember to trim their nails regularly, either at the vet or at home. If you do it yourself, make sure to carefully locate the quick of the nail before cutting to avoid injuring your pooch. The quick is the live part of the nail which contains blood vessels and nerve endings - it is recognisable by its pink colour. You only want to cut the white part of the nail. If your dog has black claws, it's best not to cut them too short, as a precaution.


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Cane Corso Reproduction

Although Cane Corsi are very easy to care for, pregnant females do need special care. The gestation period for bitches lasts between 60 and 70 days. From your dog's heat cycle right through until the end of lactation, it is your responsibility as the owner to provide your female Cane Corso with an appropriate diet and all the necessary veterinary care. In addition to this, bitches are more sensitive during these 9 weeks, so you will need to be more attentive than usual and offer her more love.

The number of puppies in a litter varies greatly from one bitch to another. Generally, Cane Corso bitches can carry between 4 and 9 puppies. Your vet will be able to find out the exact number of babies on the 20th day of pregnancy, using an ultrasound.   

Cane Corso Costs

While taking care of a Cane Corso is quite simple, it is relatively expensive. These doggies generally enjoy good health so you should spend very little time at the vet, but they are large dogs, so they need to eat a lot! The amount of dog food needed is proportional to the size of the dog. For a Cane Corso, this equates to between 440 and 550g of kibble per day, to be modified according to your dog's age, weight, and physical activity level. You also need to take into account the composition of the dog food you choose when deciding on the ideal amount for your pooch.

Beyond food and veterinary expenses, you also need to invest in accessories, toys, antiparasitic and deworming treatments, and, potentially, pet insurance for your Cane Corso. You need to budget at least £80 per month for a Cane Corso dog, including a minimum of £50 a month for high-quality dog food.

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