The dog bed you choose for your pooch is just as important as their lead or collar. This is where your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will spend their time resting and getting good sleep. Find out how to choose the ideal dog bed for your Cavalier below.

What Size Dog Bed for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

A dog’s bed should be perfectly proportionate to its size - neither too big nor too small. There’s no point in choosing a dog bed that’s too large for your Cavalier; they won’t be comfortable there. Dogs like to feel surrounded and protected. When lying down, the edges should just touch your dog on all sides, so that they feel safe and secure but not cramped. Choose a dog bed that’s about as wide as your dog when curled into a ball. 

There are many different types of dog bed to choose from. Your dog may prefer a basket-type dog bed with a raised edge, a pillow dog bed without a rim, a rug, a dog sofa, or even a cage. Pay attention to your dog’s preferences to ensure that they’re perfectly comfortable at bedtime. Also, bear in mind that the size of your dog’s bed will need to change as they grow; a puppy’s bed will not be suitable for them as an adult.

What's the Best Material for a Dog Bed?

The choice of material is also important! You can find a variety of materials on the market, all with their pros and cons. If your pooch has destructive tendencies, you’ll be better off with a plastic dog bed, which is sturdier and much easier to clean than a fabric or leather dog bed, for example. A plastic dog bed also saves you from pest infestations, such as dust mites. Plastic dog beds are less comfortable than other types of dog bed, but you can make them cosy and comfortable by adding blankets and pillows. In any case, avoid wicker baskets, which are more likely to be destroyed. Your dog could swallow the debris, causing intestinal obstruction or suffocation.


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Where Should I Put My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's Bed?

The final thing to consider: where to place your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s dog bed. This is a very important decision! A bed in the wrong place could have unfortunate consequences. Choose a quiet area, such as a corner of the living room, for example. Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s bed should be easily accessible to them but out of the way of everyone else so that they can rest without fear of being disturbed. Make sure your dog’s bed is somewhere that’s well-ventilated in the summer but warm at night. 

But can you have your dog’s bed in your bedroom? This topic is the subject of hot debate. Some think it’s to be avoided at all costs, and others believe it’s no problem. We recommend that you avoid having your dog's bed in your bedroom, at least at first. You don’t want to encourage them developing an excessive attachment to you, which could later turn into separation anxiety. Your dog needs to learn to be alone, including at night. This is an essential step in your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s training. Resist the urge to let them sleep with you while they’re still a puppy. Later, you may be able to lift this ban if your dog is well trained.

Respect your dog’s sleep needs and avoid waking them up if possible. If you have children, teach them to respect your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s sleeping habits. No matter how nice your dog is normally, they might react badly to being woken up.

Can Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Sleep Outside?

No, we do not recommend you put your Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to sleep outdoors. This dog breed is not at all suited to sleeping in a kennel. Being a small and popular breed, you could also risk having your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stolen from you in the night. A malicious person would have no trouble stealing your pooch away, even if they did bark to sound the alarm. Your Cavalier could also get into a fight with stray cats. For their safety and your peace of mind, always keep your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel inside your home, near you. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s temperament is quite dependent which means that this breed feels very close to its master. As such, your Cav would much prefer to stay by your side, even at night.

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