Chihuahuas are small dogs who deserve your full attention. Their health needs to be regularly monitored due to being at risk of developing several complications. Chihuahua care can be pretty time-consuming. But, if you take good care of your Chihuahua and their specific needs, you could keep them by your side for years to come!

Chihuahua Care

Chihuahuas are little dogs with a whole lot of energy! Although not particularly athletic, they need to exercise every day, with a few outdoor strolls if possible. To keep them in good shape, you should provide your pooch with a healthy, balanced diet to help strengthen their immune system. Chihuahua care involves a lot of attention to detail.

Let's not forget that Chihuahuas are susceptible to hypoglycaemic attacks. As such, you need to make sure you're giving them enough calories and evenly distributing their meals throughout the day. When heading out for a walk, take a little natural sugar (e.g. honey) with you in case of a crisis.

Finally, you need to pay special attention to their oral hygiene. The Chihuahua's build features a small jaw that creates the potential for harm. In addition to an adapted diet, be sure to brush their teeth daily if possible.

Chihuahua Grooming

Whether your Chihuahua is long- or smooth-haired, they need regular brushing, ideally every day. You'll notice that long-haired Chihuahuas tend to shed more, especially in the spring, but in autumn as well. Brushing removes dead hair and helps to maintain your dog's skin. It's an integral part of Chihuahua care!

Beyond that, remember to clean their eyes and ears regularly. If you don't feel comfortable grooming your tiny little dog, you can always take them to a dog groomer, who will also trim their nails and any hair that falls over their eyes. Finally, whether with a groomer or at home, a little bath doesn't hurt from time to time! Wash your dog with specific shampoo to protect it from ticks and fleas!


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Chihuahua Reproduction

Because of their small size, it is strongly discouraged for Chihuahuas to reproduce too young. It's also important to note that, when mating, the male should ideally be smaller than the female to prevent the puppies from being too big and endangering your bitch's health. Chihuahuas can give birth to up to 6 pups!

During your dog's gestation period, which lasts about 9 weeks, her nutritional needs will continue to evolve until the end of lactation. A few visits to the vet will be necessary to check on the health of your bitch and her puppies until she gives birth. Finally, pregnant dogs tend to demand more attention. Just like in humans, hormonal changes make dogs more sensitive. The ideal master will therefore offer them even more love and affection during this period. Chihuahua care depends on your ability to take care of them at all stages of life.

Chihuahua Maintenance Costs

Chihuahua care is not particularly expensive. In any case, it's not their food that will cost you! Depending on the weight of your Chihuahua, you can expect them to consume between 50 and 80g of food per kilo per day.

However, in your budget, you also need to account for veterinary expenses, pest control, and deworming treatments, as well as winter clothing, because your Mexican Chihuahua dislikes the cold. Finally, don't forget the accessories they’ll need, such as a basket, bowls, toys, lead, etc.

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