Chihuahuas are pretty fragile dogs. They are therefore susceptible to several different types of diseases. These dogs are also very protective and brave, despite their small size; they won't hesitate to defend you if they feel that you're being threatened. Pet liability and health insurance are useful for protecting you from accidents and incidents.

Chihuahuas and Liability Insurance

Chihuahua Liability Insurance: Is It Compulsory?

No insurance is compulsory for owning a Chihuahua. Liability insurance is only mandatory for potentially dangerous dogs, i.e. Category 1 and 2 dogs. And, evidently, the Chihuahua is not one of them! Although they do have a pretty feisty temperament, they can hardly cause any serious damage.

Why Should I Take Out Liability Insurance for My Chihuahua?

Liability insurance should be considered even for a small dog like the Chihuahua. Despite its small size, this breed is generally quite aggressive. They tend to bark and growl at strangers; everything seems huge from their height of 20cm, so they often feel the need to protect themselves.

The Chihuahua is a rather shy dog, who quickly feels threatened. But they are also very protective and won't hesitate to defend their master if they deem it necessary. This tiny ball of fur is very brave! Despite their small stature, it's not unheard of for them to bite someone outside your family circle. The consequences are rarely serious, but could still constitute a valid reason to file a complaint against you and your dog. With liability insurance, you protect yourself from small accidents caused to others with physical or material consequences.

What's the Best Liability Insurance for My Chihuahua?

Private liability insurance (private RC) is the most suitable type of insurance for your Chihuahua.


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Chihuahuas and Health Insurance

Chihuahua Health Insurance: Is It Compulsory?

Health insurance is never compulsory for dogs, not even for doggies with poor health like the Chihuahua.

Why Should I Take Out Health Insurance for My Chihuahua?

Chihuahua health insurance works on the same principle as a traditional health insurance policy: it allows you to be partially or fully reimbursed for medical expenses. Your Chihuahua's health is quite delicate. They are prone to many diseases including eye diseases, joint disorders, oral problems, and maladies such as tracheal collapse or hydrocephalus.

Pet health insurance is a good way to manage your veterinary budget. If your dog is in an accident or becomes ill, veterinary costs can quickly add up. Vet fees are not standardised in the UK and can vary substantially. As such, you can very easily end up with a large invoice. As a consequence, euthanasia is sometimes the cheapest solution for families with limited means. However, with Chihuahua health insurance, you can control your budget and provide all the medical care necessary to keep your Chihuahua healthy for the long term.

What's the Best Health Insurance for My Chihuahua?

The best health insurance for your Chihuahua is always the most comprehensive policy! There are several packages available, depending on the age and breed of your four-legged friend. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

Dog health insurance generally operates on several levels:

  • Accident (e.g. road accident)

  • Illness (surgical operations and certain treatments)

  • Hospitalisation (if your dog has to stay one or more nights at the vet)

  • Lost dog (health insurance can cover the cost of helping you find it)

  • Death (and all subsequent costs)

  • Don't wait for your Chihuahua to get sick before taking out a health insurance policy; you will need to have been paying for several months before using the services.

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