Chihuahuas are fragile but lively dogs! So, they need to rest almost as much as big dogs do. They are little balls of energy, but they also get tired very quickly. This is why your Chihuahua's sleep is so important. Prepare them a cosy sleeping area so they can rest in peace whenever they please.

Chihuahua Sleep Requirements

A Chihuahua's sleep needs can vary from dog to dog, depending on their age and lifestyle. Dogs tend to sleep a lot and this is accentuated if they exert themselves a lot, for example. On average, Chihuahuas sleep around 10 hours a day. They take several naps during the day, alternating between deep sleep and REM sleep. If your dog is bored, they may also sleep more - and not necessarily at night! For the sake of your wellbeing, it's essential that you keep your pooch sufficiently occupied during the day to ensure that they sleep at night.

Puppies and older dogs have even greater sleep needs; they both get tired a lot more easily. Puppies are growing and need to sleep about 90% of the time to develop properly and maintain their energy levels. Never disturb a Chihuahua puppy while they're sleeping! Senior dogs are also less lively and want to rest almost 75% of the time. This is quite normal and nothing to worry about. You should only be concerned if your dog suddenly starts to sleep more than usual, no matter what age. In this case, consult your vet as soon as possible. Your Chihuahua's sleep requirements will vary according to their age.


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Chihuahua Activities

The Chihuahua's build is quite fragile. They love to play and spend time outdoors, but you can't take them just anywhere with you. Some canine activities are not necessarily suitable for their small size, such as obstacle courses, for example. Instead, opt for low-risk activities like ball games or frisbee. Chihuahuas are very playful and always enthusiastic about spending time with you, and even with other dogs of their size. To ensure good sleep for your Chihuahua, make sure they get enough exercise.

This little dog is not at all lazy. In fact, Chihuahuas are very lively dogs! Although not capable of high-intensity activities, they love to accompany you on hikes, even in the mountains! The advantage of Chihuahuas, which usually weigh between 1 and 3kg, is that you can always carry them if they get too tired. If you detect the onset of a hypoglycaemic attack, give them a little natural sugar, such as honey.

Chihuahua Sleeping Area

Your Chihuahua is a family member like any other. As such, they're entitled to their own little sleeping area! To create the perfect bed for your pet, choose a comfortable basket that's not too big. Chihuahuas like to feel cosy and surrounded by blankets or cushions. Your Chihuahua's sleep also depends on the quality of their bedding.

Remember that these dogs are sensitive to the cold, especially smooth-haired Chihuahuas. Ideally, find them a warm corner in the kitchen or living room, if possible by a fireplace or radiator in winter. Choose a space that's out of the way and place their dog bowls nearby - one with fresh water and maybe another with a small supply of dog food. Take care of every little detail to make sure that your Chihuahua's sleep is of the best quality!

Their corner must always be clean. However, you should avoid washing their cushions and blankets too often, as dogs generally don't like clean smells. They're more comfortable with fabrics that have your scent or theirs. Finally, have fun with the décor! A dog basket can be decorated however you like (tipi, trunk, cuddly toys, etc.).

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