The Chow Chow is a large breed dog with an impressive build and a thick leonine coat of fur. Discover more about the size and physical characteristics of the Chow Chow below.

How Big Do Chow Chows Get? 

The Chow Chow measures about 50cm at the withers. There is a notable difference in size between males and females. In adulthood, a Chow dog will measure between 48 and 56cm, while a bitch will measure between 46 and 51cm at the withers. If you want a smaller dog, choose a female. Just keep in mind that these numbers are indicative, and it is quite possible for a bitch to grow larger than a dog. You should also take into account the Chow Chow's temperament to find the right puppy for you. The aesthetic criterion should always be bottom of your list.

How Much Does a Chow Chow Weigh?

As with size, there is also a difference in weight between male and female Chow Chows. An adult male weighs between 18 and 41kg, while a female weighs between 16 and 39kg. It is usually possible to estimate the final weight of a dog when it reaches 7 or 8 months old. At this point, a Chow puppy is considered to weigh about two-thirds of its adult weight. 

How Fast Do Chow Chows Grow?

The growth period of the Chow Chow can be divided into two very distinct phases. First, a phase of rapid growth until your pup turns 8 months old. Then, a phase of more stable sustained growth until around 16 months, when this dog breed reaches adult size. Like most large breed dogs, the Chow Chow matures quite late.

Growth is a critical time for all puppies and especially larger dogs. Care must be taken not to put too much stress on your dog to avoid the onset of serious joint problems. Don’t let your pup climb the stairs or engage in especially intense or sustained physical activity, for example. During this time, it’s important to avoid overexerting your four-legged friend, as you could risk them developing hip or elbow dysplasia, which this breed is prone to. In serious cases, dysplasia can immobilise the animal and require surgery. Don't take that risk!


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Chow Chow Coat

One of the Chow Chow’s most beloved and recognisable characteristics is its abundant coat. However, there is a smooth-coat variety of Chow Chow which is arguably lesser known than its illustrious rough-coated sibling. The smooth coat Chow has a short, dense, and straight double coat, which is upstanding instead of flat. The rough coat is profuse, dense, straight, and long (but not too long). In rough coats, the outer coat is coarse with a soft woolly undercoat. The rough coat Chow Chow requires more maintenance. This long coat needs to be brushed regularly to get rid of dead hair and prevent knots. Make sure you have a suitable brush so as not to injure your pooch. 

Please note: You should never shave a Chow-Chow! Even though this breed tends to suffer in the summer heat, the Chow Chow's coat actually provides it with protection from the sun. If you shave a Chow’s coat, you would risk sunburn and the appearance of skin diseases. When the weather is particularly hot, bring your dog inside the house and make sure there is ample fresh water available to keep your Chow properly hydrated.

Chow Chow Colours

The Chow Chow's coat is whole-coloured. Coloured patches or parti-coloured coats are not accepted. The breed standard for the Chow Chow, as established by The Kennel Club, accepts the following colours:

  • Fawn

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Cream

  • Black

  • White

It is common to find lighter colouring under the tail and on the back of the thighs.

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