Do you live in an apartment? Are you wondering whether a Chow Chow is suitable for your lifestyle? Indeed, this practice is often the subject of hot debate. Check out our answers below.

Can I Live in an Apartment with a Chow Chow?

Whether or not you can live in an apartment with a dog is always the subject of hot debate. For some, this lifestyle is completely incompatible with having a pet; for others, it seems perfectly possible, provided you make some adjustments. The truth is that most dog breeds are capable of adapting to apartment or city life. Contrary to popular belief, big dogs can live in apartments just as happily as smaller dogs. You just need to make sure you’re capable of adapting and taking care of your pooch properly to avoid problems that may arise faster than if you lived in a house. But living in a large house with a large garden does not guarantee that your dog will be happy, on the contrary. The most important thing is to understand the breed and its specifics, like the temperament of the Chow Chow, and to spend enough quality time with your dog each day.

How Do I Adapt a Chow Chow to Apartment Living?

Living in an apartment with a dog of this size will require you to make some adjustments and compromises. First of all, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Do you have enough time available to spend time with your Chow Chow? Do you work away from home? If so, can you go home on your lunch break? How many hours of the day will you be out of the house, on average? These questions are essential before adopting any dog. It’s also very important to know about the breed you plan to adopt, as the Chow Chow is not suitable for everyone.

The Chow Chow’s temperament is very independent, which means this breed tolerates loneliness much better than other breeds. But that doesn't mean your furball wants to sit around all day waiting for you to come home. Calm by nature, Chow Chows don’t tend to bark too often, which is a definite advantage if you live in an apartment, However, a bored Chow is susceptible to developing problematic behaviours, such as compulsive barking. If your dog barks all day while you’re gone, it will soon begin to disturb the neighbours, which could cause conflict. This kind of issue is often quite difficult to resolve and can very quickly degrade the quality of life in your home. 

Purchase some toys and puzzles for your Chow Chow to occupy them in your absence. This is an intelligent dog breed that needs mental stimulation as much as physical. Additionally, being greedy dogs, Chow Chows particularly enjoy treat-based toys like Kongs. Just be careful not to overdo the treats, as this breed is prone to canine obesity, which has a direct impact on your Chow Chow’s life expectancy.


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Before leaving for work in the morning, take your Chow Chow out for a bit of exercise before you leave. This way, your dog will be more inclined to take a nap while you’re gone. If you can, try to come home for lunch to take your pooch out for a little walk to break up the day. If you don’t have time to leave the office, why not ask a friend or neighbour to pop in on your dog, or use a pet sitting service like Holidog. Once you get home, take your Chow out again for a long walk to stretch their paws. If you have a dog park near you, don't hesitate to take your Chow Chow there, so long as it has been well socialised.

Finally, on weekends or days off, take advantage of your free time and take your Chow on a walk in the countryside or by the beach. Although not particularly athletic, Chow Chows will still happily participate in canine activities such as tracking or treibball.

Basic Rules to Teach Your Chow Chow to Live in an Apartment

Training a Chow Chow in an apartment is no more difficult than training a Chow Chow who lives in a house. However, it’s important to note that it is likely to require a little more patience. If you want to ensure that life in an apartment with your Chow Chow is happy and comfortable for all parties involved, there are a couple of crucial lessons to teach your pup early on:

  • Potty Training: If you live in an apartment, potty training your Chow Chow will take a little longer than if you lived in a house. However, anything is possible with a little patience. Take your pooch out after meals, naps, and when they wake up in the morning. Praise your pooch every time they go to the toilet outside. There will, of course, always be accidents, but try not to get angry with your Chow Chow if they poop in the house, especially if the accident happened while you were gone. Be patient and gentle and you’ll get there!

  • Teaching Your Chow Chow to Be Alone: The Chow Chow’s independent and distant nature makes it quite capable of being without its master for several hours. However, your Chow must learn to endure your absence while they’re young to avoid the onset of separation anxiety. Teaching your dog to be alone needs to start early, as soon as you welcome your puppy home. Begin with short absences of five minutes at a time: leaving the room, for example. Gradually increase the duration of your absences, until your Chow can be left alone for a few hours at a time.

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