The French Bulldog is a very popular small breed dog, beloved around the world and especially in the UK. And there are many reasons why! This doggy is indeed suitable for all types of people. But beneath the adorable exterior is a dog with a strong character. Find out more below.

What are the Pros of the French Bulldog's Temperament?

The French Bulldog, like all dog breeds, has lots of great qualities that make for a wonderful companion dog. However, it should be noted that any breed standard is indicative and only offers general advice and characteristics regarding a breed. All dogs are unique with their own personality. It’s quite possible, even likely, that your French Bulldog will be different from the characteristics listed here. If you’re looking for a pup with a specific temperament, ask your breeder to help you choose. They’ll be able to tell you which of their dogs will best suit your personality and lifestyle.

Loyal and Affectionate

The French Bulldog is known for being deeply affectionate and loyal, and getting very close to its owner. Frenchies enjoy spending time with you! So they’re ideal for people who like to have their dog by their side at all times. This little dog will much prefer to stay in the house with you than go for a run alone in the garden. Nevertheless, the French Bulldog is a relatively independent breed and may want to spend a little time alone in its bed from time to time… with you in the next room of course!

Gets Along Well with Kids and Other Animals

These friendly dogs make wonderful playmates for children, so long as your little ones are not too abrupt with them. Devoid of any hunting or predatory instinct, the French Bulldog also gets along very well with its peers and with other animals (e.g. cats or exotic pets), provided your Frenchie has been socialised properly from an early age. Be careful to limit playtime, though, because this doggy doesn’t have great stamina. Too much physical exertion would have a negative impact on your French Bulldog’s health and could even put their life in danger.

Doesn't Bark a Lot

The French Bulldog tends to be rather quiet; this dog never barks for no reason. Frenchies are not particularly suspicious of strangers and don’t have any inkling of a watchdog instinct. This quiet side is a definite advantage if you live in an apartment with your French Bulldog, as it allows you to avoid conflicts with your neighbours. The French Bulldog is a calm breed of dog anyway. While they do like to play games in their spare time, they also need lots of rest for total peace of mind.


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What are the Cons of the French Bulldog's Temperament?

As with all dog breeds, French Bulldogs also have a few character flaws. These are by no means prohibitive, but it’s always best to know what you’re dealing with before you adopt a dog.

Can Be Possessive

The flipside of the French Bulldog’s loyal and affectionate side is that they can develop possessive, even "jealous", behaviour towards their owner. Not to anthropomorphise them too much, but, admittedly, this little dog enjoys being the centre of attention. As such, right from the start, be careful not to pamper your pup more than is reasonable. Also, focus on training your Frenchie properly to prevent them from developing this rather embarrassing character trait.

Not Very Athletic

This point can be either a pro or a can, depending on your lifestyle, but it is important to take it into account. The French Bulldog is an indoor dog who prefers naps to long walks in the forest. When you do take your Frenchie out, be very careful not to push them too hard, especially in hot weather. This dog breed is not suitable for active people who like to exercise often and want their four-legged friend to accompany them.


The French Bulldog is a terribly greedy dog. This is very problematic as it can lead to obesity and consequent illnesses, such as diabetes. Avoid overfeeding your dog; go lightly on the dog treats and be sure to respect the recommended daily amount of dog food for your French Bulldog.

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