While grooming your German Shepherd isn't particularly demanding or time-consuming, it still needs to be done properly from time to time. Brushing and bathing are important weapons in your arsenal. Get your furry friend accustomed to these basic hygiene procedures as soon as possible to make your job easier!

How Often Should I Give My German Shepherd a Bath?

First of all, the golden rule: do not wash your dog too often. Regular baths and abundant use of products could damage your German Shepherd's skin and cause irritation. Of course, if your pooch gets their coat particularly dirty, don't wait to bathe them. If your dog smells bad, this may also be because they're suffering from skin problems. Always check with your vet if you suspect a health issue.

For a short-haired German Shepherd, one or two baths per year are perfectly sufficient for maintaining their beautiful coat. Long-haired German Shepherds need two or three baths per year. If you use your dog as a sheepdog, or they spend a lot of time outdoors, you can increase the frequency of their baths, but be careful never to exceed more than one bath per month.

Tips for Bathing Your German Shepherd

The sooner your puppy gets used to getting wet, the less difficulty you will have getting them into the bath or shower. In any case, never use violence, as this can traumatise them and make them fear the water. Instead, encourage your pooch with kind words and strokes or treats. You're in luck, though: German Shepherds have a rather docile temperament. Take advantage of it!

Dogs prefer water between 35 and 40°C. Take the time to test the water temperature before washing your German Shepherd. If the water is too hot, it could burn them, and, on the other hand, water that's too cold is dangerous for puppies. German Shepherds are large dogs, so it can sometimes be difficult to get them into the shower or bathtub. If you have a garden, you can wash them off with a hose, but be careful with the water's temperature and pressure!

Brush your dog before washing to avoid tangles and, if they'll let you, use ear covers to prevent ear infections. Avoid washing your dog's head to protect the eyes. Start by wetting the nape of the neck, then gently wet the rest of the coat. Apply shampoo and rub, paying particular attention to the legs and the space between the toes. Then rinse to remove all traces of shampoo. If it's not too cold, you can let your dog air dry. Otherwise, use a hairdryer set to a medium temperature.

Choosing the Right Dog Shampoo

The choice of dog shampoo depends mainly on the type of hair and not on its length. For long-haired German Shepherds, you can even use a conditioner. Also take into account your dog's skin type, as well as any irritations or allergies they may have. If in doubt, seek advice from your vet. Pay attention to the contents of the products you use! If you're worried about doing something wrong when grooming your dog, you can always take them to a professional groomer.


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What's the Best Brush for My German Shepherd?

Your German Shepherd's beautiful black and tan coat needs regular brushing. This requires a little more investment and personal time than the two annual baths, but it is essential. You need to have the correct equipment to make sure you don't hurt your pet unnecessarily. Again, it all depends on the type of hair. A long-haired German Shepherd will need a different brush than a short-haired German Shepherd.

For short-haired German Shepherds, use a curry comb and progress by area, brushing first the undercoat, then the outer coat, first against the grain, then in the direction of the hair. For long-haired German Shepherds, in addition to a curry comb, equip yourself with a rake detangler comb to remove any knots. If they resist, cut them out with a pair of scissors.

Top 3 Best Brushes for German Shepherd Dogs

These brushes have been tried and tested and proved ideal for brushing your German Shepherd, without the fear of hurting them.


This curry-comb brush is the best value for money. Very affordable—usually less than £10—it has a detachable handle. It is suitable for both short-haired and long-haired German Shepherds.

The FURminator Brush

This is the ultimate dog brush. More expensive than the others, it offers incomparable quality. Pleasant to handle, this brush removes and retains a greater amount of dead hair than other models on the market. It is a very attractive long-term investment.

The Belisy Dog Brush

This is an excellent additional brush, useful for supplementing one of the other two. This brush is suitable for brushing smoother hair and is much less aggressive than brushing to remove dead hair or tug at knots.

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