Golden Retrievers are very fond of games and physical activities that appeal to their intelligence, sense of smell, and physical abilities, especially as a swimmer. There are numerous Golden Retriever games that you can play with your furry friend. Playing is a great way to train your pooch while building a trusting relationship.

Are Golden Retrievers Sporty?

Golden Retrievers were originally hunting dogs. As such, they enjoy various types of games and outdoor sporting activities, with a great predilection for swimming. These are resilient dogs who like to run, jump, and retrieve objects. They are also very gifted at physical activities that rely on their intelligence: obstacle courses are, for example, one of their specialities, as they require your dog to both be athletic and demonstrate logic.

Are Golden Retrievers Playful?

Golden Retrievers are playful, easy-going dogs. It's easy to see how they've become one of the nation's favourite dog breeds! Always on the lookout, they never miss an opportunity to have fun. For these curious doggies, everything is an excuse to play. A piece of wood, a ball, a speed race through the garden: there's no shortage of games for your Golden Retriever!

Aside from the recreational aspect, games are an essential component of your Golden Retriever’s training. These are very sensitive dogs, so fun games and words of encouragement help them to assimilate learnings.


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What Activities Can I Do with My Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers have a jovial yet willful nature. And, as they love to accompany their masters and be of service in any task, there's so much choice for activities you can do with them!

Dog Agility

Dog agility is a sport in which the master guides their dog through an obstacle course. This timed race calls for both speed and precision. Golden Retrievers are great at this activity because commands can only be given by voice or hand gesture, and this dog breed is one of the best at obedience training!


Flyball is an activity that combines sport and play. The aim of flyball is to race over a line of hurdles, at the end of which is a box containing a ball. The dog has to press a spring-loaded pad to release the ball, catch it, and then bring it back to its owner by doing the course in the opposite direction. This is an excellent activity for developing speed, jumping, and sociability skills.


With their innate love for running and the outdoors, Golden Retrievers are really cut out for canicross. No need for complicated obstacle courses: your dog just runs in sync with you. All you need to do is equip yourself with the right traction belt and you're good to go!

What Kind of Games Do Golden Retrievers Like to Play?

This big dog loves all types of games, but if you really want to make them happy, choose one that appeals to their love for fetching things or their keen sense of smell. Here are some ideas for Golden Retriever games.


This is a favourite game for Golden Retrievers. Canine frisbee is a very simple game to set up and doesn't require the owner to be a great athlete. Just throw a frisbee and ask your pooch to fetch and bring it back to you. This is the ideal Golden Retriever game to play at any age, but even more so when they’re young, to reinforce obedience training in a fun, energetic way.

Hide and Seek

An unmissable Golden Retriever game that calls on your dog's excellent sense of smell! This simple game consists of hiding one or more objects around the house or garden and letting your dog seek them out.

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