The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. And deservedly so: these dogs have an angelic level of patience, great gentleness, and bright intelligence. At ease in the company of children and the elderly alike, the Golden Retriever's devotion to their owners and desire to please makes for an excellent service dog. These doggies are acclaimed worldwide for their qualities as assistance, therapy, and rescue dogs.

What are the Pros of the Golden Retriever's Temperament?

According to The Kennel Club, the Golden Retriever's temperament is gentle, sociable, patient, composed, and balanced. No wonder they’re among the nation's favourite dogs! But not only that, this dog is an amalgamation of great qualities that make them excellent as support or search and rescue dogs. 

Affectionate, these dogs develop a close bond with their family, to whom they have incredible loyalty. This is an obedient dog, provided they have been properly trained from an early age. They love to please and prove to be excellent working dogs. Used to waiting long hours during hunting parties, Golden Retrievers have inherited unfailing patience, especially towards children, with whom they love to play games. This quality, coupled with their unparalleled sense of smell, makes them excellent at searching for buried persons or detecting prohibited substances. Golden Retrievers also make wonderful assistance or guide dogs.

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs and fast learners. According to Professor Stanley Coren's dog intelligence ranking, the Golden Retriever is the 4th brightest dog breed. This large dog is undeniably easy to train. They excel at obedience trials thanks to their ability to understand what is expected of them and their desire to please. Although not guard dogs by nature, your Golden Retriever will not hesitate to intervene if they feel you or your family are in danger.

Golden Retrievers are also very athletic. They like to feel useful and will gladly participate in all family activities. This means they'll be perfectly happy accompanying you on hikes in the forest or walks on the beach, as well as on jogs. Golden Retrievers are the ideal companion for adventure seekers. However, they are also perfectly capable of living in an apartment, so long as they get enough exercise.

Gentleness and malleability are two more great characteristics of the Golden Retriever's temperament. Thanks to these qualities, they are widely used as therapy dogs for people with autism. They also bring great comfort to elderly people in nursing homes. The empathy they are capable of, and the almost fusional relationship they develop with their master, makes them excellent service dogs. Thanks to their docile and loyal nature, this breed makes the perfect first companion dog or even hunting dog. Training a Golden Retriever is easy and attainable, even for beginners. When used for hunting, these dogs are determined, stubborn, and resilient.

It's interesting to note that there is no difference between the temperament of a male and female Golden Retriever. A breeder will usually help you choose the most suitable dog for your lifestyle from the puppies they have available. However, before adopting a Golden Retriever, it's important to know about their little character flaws in order to better understand and handle them.


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What are the Cons of the Golden Retriever's Temperament?

Despite their many qualities, Golden Retrievers, like all dogs, also have some small flaws. They are particularly sensitive, which means they require a certain level of skill in their training to avoid upsetting them or causing lasting trauma. Any form of violence, physical or verbal, will have serious consequences. Likewise, poor dog training could have serious consequences on your dog's behaviour.

Golden Retrievers are known to be stubborn. They are very sensitive to encouragement and rewards and resistant to being reprimanded or punished. If they feel forced, they will dig in their heels and resist, even distancing themselves from you. This character trait is unusual in Golden Retrievers and is most often the result of unsuitable training methods. Nevertheless, training your Golden Retriever should always involve positive reinforcement. 

These doggies are full of energy and need to expend a lot to be happy. A Golden Retriever without exercise is an unhappy pup. They love to perform tasks that appeal to their keen sense of smell and physical skills. Patient and obedient, they put their heart into every job required of them. Owners need to be vigilant and prevent their dog from overexerting themselves: they often don't know when to stop on their own. 

Finally, Golden Retrievers are not independent dogs. They often develop a close relationship with their owners, from whom they find it very difficult to be separated. If left alone for too long, your Golden Retriever could sink into a deep depression, which could result in annoying or destructive behaviour. If your Golden Retriever feels bored, they are likely to bark, which could cause issues with your neighbours.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

The Golden Retriever is the quintessential family dog. Never aggressive, always friendly and up for some fun, they make wonderful playmates for your little ones. They know how to be gentle when the situation calls for it. However, like with any dog, we strongly advise that you don't leave your children unsupervised with a Golden Retriever, no matter how nice. Accidents can happen very quickly.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Other Animals?

In theory, the presence of other pets in your house shouldn't be an issue.[8]  But be careful! The Golden Retriever is a hunting dog after all, with a fairly developed hunting instinct. If you want your pooch to live peacefully alongside other animals, there are some precautions you need to take. First, begin socialising your puppy as soon as you welcome them home. The period between their second and third month is crucial; your furry friend needs to accumulate as many positive experiences as possible. Golden Retrievers are naturally sociable and curious, and will usually enjoy meeting new people. Nonetheless, never leave your dog alone with a small or exotic pet.

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