Surprisingly, some owners are reluctant to feed their dogs wet food. However, this type of dog food is the industrial dog food that comes closest to what our animals would eat out in the wild and, therefore, can prove very useful.

Why Should I Give My Dog Wet Food?

High Water Content

Wet food for dogs contains 70 or even 80% water, which is very beneficial for your dog's health.

Such a high quantity of water helps limit the risks of lower urinary tract diseases, such as chronic kidney disease (CKD), urine crystals, or kidney stones. This, therefore, preserves the kidneys and liver and also aids your dog's digestive system, while keeping them properly hydrated.

Rich in Meat

From this perspective, wet food for dogs is more digestible for your dog's intestines than any dry food. As such, it's highly recommended for dogs suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, or other types of inflammation in the digestive system. Also, wet food for dogs is very low in carbohydrates (less than 10% and as low as 0), which is ideal for dogs diagnosed with obesity, pancreatitis, or diabetes.


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The Limitations of Wet Food for Dogs

There are some caveats, however. Like any industrial food, wet food for dogs goes through a cycle consisting of multiple transformations, and sometimes the addition of preservatives, and artificial colours and flavours. Plus, it's not great for your dog's oral hygiene. Therefore, we recommend that you offer your dog a varied diet containing food to chew on to keep their jaw working and their teeth clean.

How Do I Choose the Right Wet Food for My Dog?

When choosing a wet food for dogs, always read the label carefully and ensure that it shows a detailed breakdown of all the types of meat, nutrients, and quantities contained. Good wet food for dogs is so-called "comprehensive" food. Like dry food, it should be rich in meat and, as a bonus, it should have very high water content.

Ideal Composition of Wet Food for Dogs:

  • Minimum 60% high-quality meat

  • No by-products (unless they are good quality, like offal)

  • No added colours or preservatives

  • A few vegetables and one source of carbohydrates

  • Corn and wheat should be banned or severely limited

  • Little to no broth (max 40%)

Do some further research on the topic yourself to always make sure you're feeding your dog the right type of diet for their specific needs. Finally, if your dog has previously only eaten dry dog food, remember to gradually introduce the wet food into their diet to avoid digestion issues and one hell of a case of diarrhoea!


By the Hector Kitchen medical and scientific team


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