The letter S is in the spotlight for 2021! In France, since 1926, the Central Canine Society (Société Centrale Canine or SCC) has followed a dog naming system that makes it easy to determine a dog's age by its registered name. Fun fact: The letters K, Q, W, X, Y, and Z have been excluded since 1970 (it's surprisingly difficult to find names beginning with those letters!), so every 20 years the alphabet starts over again. And this has continued for almost 100 years!

In the UK, the rules for naming your dog are a little different. If you wish to register a pedigree puppy with The Kennel Club, their formal name must consist of at least two words (but as many as you like!) and all the words included in the name may not exceed 24 letters in total. In terms of the letter of the alphabet, there are no rules as in France, but many breeders still choose to follow the French tradition.

Choosing A Dog Name: Why Is It Important?

Why is it important to choose a name for your dog? Well, firstly, there’s the matter of respect; a dog deserves a name just as much as a human does. But also, a name is essential for training your dog. Your dog will learn to react to what you say when they hear their name, including when you give them commands or signal that it's mealtime. Vets believe that a dog understands its name from what happens when they hear it. As such, it can be considered more of a signal for them than a name.

Upon hearing their name, your dog should have a certain level of response. Their name should be associated with something positive. For example, you can help your dog identify their name using treats, by rewarding them when they manage to recognise their name, for example. This is the first step in training your dog. Repeat this exercise often so that your pooch can memorise their name quickly, and then you can proceed with the rest of their training.

How Do I Choose My Dog's Name?

Choosing My Dog's Name: Is There a Science to It?

Some people think that there's a science to choosing a name for your dog, that dogs are more sensitive to certain sounds than others, which could later facilitate their training. Opt for a short dog name (2 syllables max), which is easy to recognise. We recommend using strong consonants such as “CH, S, SCH, SH, or K”. Dog names ending with a vowel (A, E, I, O, U) are also recommended, as they are easier to distinguish than others.

Avoid names that could be confused with commands: eliminate names that sound too similar to the most common commands such as “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Down”.

The Most Common Methods for Choosing a Dog Name

There are several ways to choose a dog name. As we've mentioned, some people respect the French tradition of choosing a dog name starting with a specific letter of the alphabet, which refers to its year of birth. This is called the "lettering rule", which was introduced in 1926 by the SCC. This rule mostly pertains to purebred dogs but it can help to narrow things down if you're struggling to choose a name for your dog. Or maybe you're just a stickler for the rules and choosing a correct name for your dog will make you and your pooch very happy. No judgement here!

You could also look for inspiration in a movie you loved this year for example or a sports team or celebrity who you're a big fan of. Some human names are also popular (Max and Rex), but bear in mind that this can cause issues: not everyone likes to share their first name with a dog, no matter how adorable!

Perhaps you could take inspiration from the colour of your pet's coat: Rusty (if they're red), Black Pearl (black), or even Oreo (if they're black and white) are some cute ideas. Finally, why not opt for a "classic" name. Or, get creative! The main thing is that you like the name and associate it with something positive.

Can I Change My Dog's Name?

If you adopt or rescue an older dog, instead of a puppy, you may be faced with the name issue. Should you change your dog's name, especially if they've come from a shelter and suffered trauma in their past, for example, or, on the contrary, should you keep their name to avoid confusion (which could add to the stress of adoption)?

The experts say you can absolutely change your dog's name after adoption. It's pretty common, actually. You just need to make sure you teach your pooch to recognise their new name, which may take a bit of time. So, be patient!

Choosing the Perfect Dog Name Takes Practice!

It may sound surprising, but you can simply practise saying some dog names to help you identify which one you like the most. To do this, say the dog names you like out loud: if possible, pretend you’re calling your dog. There will inevitably be one that sounds more natural to you than the others. The most important thing is that you like the name!

The TOP 40 Dog Names Beginning with S for 2021

Are you looking for inspiration to find the perfect dog name? You’ve come to the right place! Here is our list of the best dog names beginning with S for 2021. We hope it helps give you some ideas for naming your pooch.

Top 20 Dog Names Beginning with S for Boys

As you can see, choosing a name for your dog can be a bit tricky. Here are 20 names that your pooch should be able to remember easily while respecting the lettering rule:

  • Salto

  • Samson

  • Savage

  • Saxo

  • Scoop

  • Scooter

  • Serge

  • Seth

  • Shanghai

  • Shrek

  • Siam

  • Sidney

  • Simba

  • Sixtus

  • Skippy

  • Socrates

  • Sonic

  • Sony

  • Sultan

  • Syd

Top 20 Dog Names Beginning with S for Girls

Here are some dog names for girls that could also inspire you:

  • Safari

  • Salem

  • Sally

  • Sand

  • Sandra

  • Sapphire

  • Sasha

  • Sadie

  • Smarties

  • Snookie

  • Sunshine

  • Sparta

  • Star

  • Stella

  • Sultana

  • Sumi

  • Shana

  • Shanel

  • Surprise

  • Sushi


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The Top 10 Dog Names in 2020

Across the pond, the list of the trendiest dog names from 2020 has been revealed, and it was clearly influenced by the world of cinema! Here are the nominees:

  1. Bella (Twilight is still very popular, apparently!)

  2. Archie (Riverdale has a lot of fans, too)

  3. Oscar

  4. Rey (for Star Wars fans!)

  5. Loki (from The Avengers)

  6. Rosie

  7. Teddy

  8. Sven (from Frozen)

  9. Molly

  10. Nala (from The Lion King)

Feel free to be inspired by it or to choose a character who has made their mark on you this year: there are plenty of examples!

The Top 20 British Dog Names

Would you prefer a quintessentially British name for your dog? These are the top picks for dog names in the UK:

Boy Dogs:

  1. Alfie

  2. Charlie

  3. Max

  4. Oscar

  5. Buddy

  6. Archie

  7. Bailey

  8. Teddy

  9. Milo

  10. Toby

Girl Dogs:

  1. Poppy

  2. Bella

  3. Molly

  4. Daisy

  5. Lola

  6. Ruby

  7. Millie

  8. Rosie

  9. Tilly

  10. Roxy

Other Dog Name Ideas

The letter S is only an indication. Even if you do choose to give your dog an official name starting with the letter of the year, you can also choose a nickname for them which begins with another letter!

40 Dog Names Inspired by Mythology

Mythologies around the world are full of gods and deities who could be the perfect source of inspiration for your dog's name. Have you have two lists (boys and girls) of our favourite mythology-inspired dog names.

Boy Dogs:

  • Apollo

  • Atticus

  • Baldur

  • Ganymede

  • Hector

  • Hermes

  • Ixion

  • Izanagi

  • Loki

  • Mars

  • Odin

  • Osiris

  • Phoenix

  • Pluto

  • Ra

  • Seth

  • Shiva

  • Telemachus

  • Ulysses

  • Zeus

Girl Dogs:

  • Aphrodite

  • Artemis

  • Athena

  • Circe

  • Cybele

  • Demeter

  • Diane

  • Hathor

  • Hecate

  • Helen

  • Hera

  • Hestia

  • Isis

  • Izanami

  • Pazuzu

  • Persephone

  • Scylla

  • Sekhmet

  • Selene

  • Venus

40 Japanese Dog Names

Are you a fan of anime, manga, or Japanese culture in general? Why not choose a name that comes straight from the Land of the Rising Sun?

Boy Dogs:

  • Akai (red)

  • Aki (autumn)

  • Aoi (blue)

  • Fuyu (winter)

  • Hoshi (star)

  • Inori (prayer)

  • Kage (shadow)

  • Kami (god)

  • Kaze (wind)

  • Kokoro (heart)

  • Natsu (summer)

  • Oni (demon)

  • Shiro (white)

  • Sora (sky)

  • Takara (treasure)

  • Yami (darkness)

  • Yoru (night)

  • Yozora (night sky)

  • Yume (dream)

  • Yûwake (dawn)

Girl Dogs:

  • Ai (love)

  • Ame (rain)

  • Chikara (force)

  • Eien (eternity)

  • Hana (flower)

  • Hikari (light)

  • Ichigo (strawberry)

  • Kagami (mirror)

  • Kaminari (thunder)

  • Kumori (cloudy)

  • Midori (green)

  • Mori (forest)

  • Murasaki (purple)

  • Sugoi (awesome)

  • Suteki (lovely)

  • Tsuyu (rainy season)

  • Ume (plum)

  • Umi (sea)

  • Yukage (twilight)

  • Yuki (snow)

40 Dog Names Inspired by Cartoons

Cartoons can offer us a lot of inspiration. Do your kids want a Paw Patrol dog name? Are you nostalgic for a cartoon from your childhood? Take your pick! Here's our little selection.

Boy Dogs:

  • Hyoga

  • Akira

  • Ikki

  • Pikachu

  • Saga

  • Shura

  • Seiya

  • Shiryu

  • Vegeta

  • Goku

  • Piccolo

  • Idéfix

  • Marcus

  • Ruben

  • Zuma

  • Rocky

  • Carlo

  • Trunks

  • Gundam

  • Lelouch

Girl Dogs:

  • Bloom

  • Flora

  • Katara

  • Layla

  • Grenat

  • Amethyst

  • Allura

  • Mikasa

  • Violet

  • Shaina

  • Bunny

  • Dora

  • Sandy

  • Mona

  • Chihiro

  • Ladybug

  • Sweetie

  • Bettina

  • Kally

  • Mononoke

40 Disney-Inspired Dog Names

Disney films are an endless source of inspiration. Here are our favourite dog names inspired by the great Walt Disney classics.

Boy Dogs:

  • Aladdin

  • Baloo

  • Bambi

  • Buster

  • Dingo

  • Figaro

  • Gaston

  • Kovu

  • Merlin

  • Mowgli

  • Mufasa

  • Phoebus

  • Pumba

  • Quasimodo

  • Russell

  • Scar

  • Sebastien

  • Sven

  • Timon

  • Woody

Girl Dogs:

  • Alice

  • Anita

  • Ariel

  • Aurora

  • Bianca

  • Belle

  • Elsa

  • Esmeralda

  • Jasmine

  • Kiara

  • Lady

  • Lilo

  • Merida

  • Moana

  • Mulan

  • Pocahontas

  • Penny

  • Perdita

  • Rapunzel

  • Wendy

20 Nordic Dog Names

Here is the list of our favourite Nordic dog names.

  • Berserker

  • Egon

  • Einar

  • Floki

  • Ita

  • Heimdall

  • Igor

  • Kvasir

  • Ragnar

  • Skadi

  • Trigg

  • Tyr

  • Valhalla

  • Valkyrie

  • Valma

  • Volker

  • Wilda

  • Winola

  • Wotan

  • Xander

20 Short Dog Names

Dogs tend to remember short, quick sounds better. The same logic can be used for their names. Here is a list of short, easy-to-remember names for your pooch.

  • Ace

  • Ash

  • Bam

  • Blue

  • Bop

  • Doc

  • Egg

  • Fly

  • Fluff

  • Ice

  • Ike

  • Jade

  • Jin

  • Milk

  • Ox

  • Paz

  • Peace

  • Rain

  • Sun

  • Yule

20 Original Dog Names

Don't want your four-legged friend to have the same name as a dozen other doggies? Check out our list of original dog names.

  • Althaia

  • Azalea

  • Cersei

  • Ciri

  • Dakota

  • Daria

  • Djidane

  • Gladiolus

  • Ignis

  • Noctis

  • Prompto

  • Rinoa

  • Squall

  • Seifer

  • Seymour

  • Tidus

  • Waka

  • Wario

  • Yennefer

  • Yuna

20 Funny Dog Names

Do you have a good sense of humour and want to give your dog a funny name? Look no further, we've got you covered.

  • Snoop Dog

  • Kitty

  • Chew-Barka

  • Kanye Westie

  • Mary Puppins

  • Jimmy Chew

  • Houdini

  • Hashtag

  • Cocoa Puff

  • Scrappy Doo

  • Butterface

  • Dogzilla

  • Pup Tart

  • Lil’ Bow Wow

  • Notorious D.O.G.

  • Groucho Barks

  • Bark Twain

  • Billie Holidog

  • Bone Crawford

  • Britney Ears

20 Molosser Dog Names

Descended from ancient Greek and Roman fighting dogs, your Molosser deserves a category all of its own. Their magnificent, imposing appearance needs a name to match!

  • Achilles

  • Augustus

  • Brutus

  • Caesar

  • Cerberus

  • Daenerys

  • Dracula

  • Drago

  • Draknil

  • Fenrir

  • Goliath

  • Inferno

  • Jupiter

  • Justice

  • Kiria

  • Narnia

  • Orthos

  • Pluto

  • Styx

  • Yarda

20 Sleigh Dog Names

Sleigh dogs are special dogs. They deserve a list of names just for them, too.

  • Alaska

  • Antarctica

  • Borealis

  • Fahrenheit

  • Junon

  • Inuktitut

  • Laika

  • Moon

  • Myst

  • Nebraska

  • Leo

  • Shadow

  • Siberia

  • Sheyko

  • Spirit

  • Taiga

  • Thunderstorm

  • Tundra

  • Zephyr

  • Zest


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