The Jack Russell is a short-haired breed, but some people prefer long-haired dogs and often wonder if there exists a long-haired version. Check out our response plus more about the physical characteristics of the breed below.

Jack Russell Coat Type

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a long-haired Jack Russell. This dog breed has a characteristically short coat, which allows it to withstand the elements. However, the Jack Russell terrier does come in three different coat types: smooth, broken, and rough. Rough-coat Jack Russells have coarse, straight hair which is a little longer than the other two types. This just may satisfy those die-hard long-coat fans! Nonetheless, although the hair is longer, even the rough-coat Jack Russell is classified as a short-haired dog. Rough coats tend not to shed, though, which can be beneficial as it makes grooming your dog much easier. Thanks to their high resistance to the cold, Jack Russells can sleep outside, provided they have a high-quality kennel at their disposal, perfectly adapted to their small size.

Jack Russell Colour

The Jack Russell’s colour is very typical of the breed; Jack Russell Terriers should be predominantly white with black or tan markings. No other colour is accepted by any of the many breed standards (The Kennel Club UK, American Kennel Club, International Canine Federation, etc.). Tan markings can range from light tan to rich chestnut tan. No other shade is accepted.

The nose should always be black. The eyes are dark, fairly small, and almond-shaped. The Jack Russell has button ears that drop forwards and are often chestnut-coloured. However, it is also possible to find dogs with white or spotted ears.


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How Big Are Jack Russell Terriers?

The Jack Russell is a small breed dog. There is no difference in the size of males and females. Both measure between 25 and 30cm at the withers. There is also no difference in the temperament of male and female Jack Russells. The advantage of the Jack Russell's small size is that it makes them easy to travel with. Just be sure to check the travel conditions of the respective transport companies before you go. Also, if you do plan to travel with your dog, try to get them used to travelling with you as soon as possible.

How Much Should a Jack Russell Weigh?

Jack Russells are also pretty lightweight. Again, there is no difference between males and females, with both weighing between 5 and 6kg in adulthood. This small size attributes the Jack Russell terrier great agility. But don’t get it twisted; this is not a toy breed dog! Quite the opposite: the Jack Russell is a very energetic dog breed, who needs to exercise every day to keep in shape and live a long and happy life. Despite their small size, Jack Russells are actually less suited to apartment living than some very large dogs, due to their high exercise needs. Think carefully before adopting a Jack Russell; your lifestyle should always match that of the dog breed you plan to adopt.

Jack Russell Growth

Growth is a delicate period in all young dogs, no matter the size or breed. Jack Russells grow relatively quickly and mature around the age of one year. During this time, it’s important to take great care of your pup, provide your Jack Russell with a high-quality diet, and avoid putting too much stress on their joints. Limit high-intensity activity to prevent the onset of bone and joint disorders, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Although your Jack Russell needs to move a lot, don’t let them run up the stairs, for example, and avoid overly intense or boisterous play sessions. Also, purchase suitable accessories and toys for your Jack Russell that don’t involve exerting too much effort.

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