The Jack Russell is a dynamic, energetic dog who needs to be active in order to feel well balanced. As such, you need to make sure your pooch gets sufficient physical and intellectual stimulation on a daily basis.

How To Choose a Toy for Your Jack Russell?

All dog breeds need both physical and intellectual stimulation to feel balanced and happy. And especially a dog like the Jack Russell, who has a boisterous, even hyperactive, temperament. These doggies are always on the move! Their excess energy can be hard to channel, which can be difficult for owners. Keeping your pooch occupied is essential to avoid boredom - and the subsequent problematic behaviours, such as destroying your clothes and furniture or barking. And you want to avoid this! A barking dog can create neighbourhood conflicts, especially if you live in an apartment with your Jack Russell.

Provide your Jack Russell with lots of toys and games to keep them occupied while you’re out of the house. Not all toys are suitable for all dog breeds, however. There are several factors to take into account when shopping for toys for your pooch. First of all, be sure to buy strong, resistant toys. Despite being a small breed dog, the Jack Russell is powerful and can easily break fragile toys into pieces. These small pieces represent an additional hazard for your dog, as they could be swallowed and cause suffocation. Next, be sure that you’re buying your dog the right kind of toys. The Jack Russell is an intelligent dog breed, so toys like puzzles will keep their brain occupied and prevent them from getting bored and lonely.

Playtime is very important for both you and your four-legged friend. It’s an opportunity to have fun together, but also to strengthen your bond. You can also use dog toys to help you with training your Jack Russell.


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What Are the Best Toys for a Jack Russell?

These days, there are so many different types of dog toys on the market! Manufacturers are always coming up with something new to woo our furry friends.


The Kong is one of the great classic dog toys. The premise is simple: you place a treat inside the Kong and your dog tries to get it out. Kongs tend to keep your pooch occupied for long periods, so they’re great if you have to pop out for a while. They also help to maintain your dog’s teeth and gums by forcing them to chew. Just be sure to choose a Kong adapted to the size of your Jack Russell’s jaw.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are great for dogs who like to nibble and bite things. You'll need to be a patient owner to put up with the sound of these, but they're great for your young pup. The squeaky sound stimulates the puppy, encouraging them to nibble the toy, which helps to ease tension and calm the animal. This type of toy is especially useful when your puppy is teething.

Balls and Frisbees

To stay healthy, your Jack Russell needs a lot of exercise each day. And these classic dog toys are ideal for this! Played outdoors, they require minimum investment from you, the owner. Your dog does all the work, you just throw the object. Choose strong, quality items to avoid your pooch ingesting small pieces of broken fabric or material, as is often the case with tennis balls, for example. 

Brain Games

Don’t neglect your dog’s intellectual stimulation either. Brain games like puzzles are a great way to keep your dog busy and stop them from getting bored. Opt for puzzles that offer a reward, such as a healthy dog treat, as this should keep your dog occupied for some time. This type of dog toy should definitely be part of your arsenal.

What are the Best Activities for a Jack Russell?

In addition to playing with games and toys, consider engaging in activities with your Jack Russell. This little doggy is very tough and will have no problem accompanying you on a run or a bike ride. Why not take your pup to see the sea! However, the Jack Russell is not always easy to train, so canine activities like agility may be a little tricky to begin with. But nothing is impossible with a little perseverance! Your Jack Russell can participate in tracking activities as well. After all, this is a natural hunting dog with an excellent sense of smell!

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