The Jack Russell is a very popular dog worldwide. Originally bred as a hunting dog, it is now increasingly found as a companion dog. But is the Jack Russell’s temperament suitable for everyone? Find out below!

What are the Pros of the Jack Russell's Temperament?

The Jack Russell is full of excellent qualities! Keep in mind that the advice here is general to the breed and that every dog is unique; any breed standard is indicative and only offers general advice and characteristics regarding a breed. It’s quite possible, even likely, for your Jack Russell to display different characteristics from the ones listed here. If you’re looking for a pup with a specific temperament, ask your breeder to help you choose. They’ll be able to tell you which of their dogs best suits your personality and lifestyle.


The Jack Russell is a particularly intelligent and alert dog. This lively pooch knows how to make quick decisions. It is for this reason that the Jack Russell excels as a hunting dog, as well as at canine activities, such as agility or tracking.


In addition to being intelligent, the Jack Russell is also very courageous and opinionated. As a hunter, this doggy is tough and resilient and never baulks at a task. Nonetheless, this is a small breed dog, and therefore does not make a good watchdog. On the other hand, your Jack Russell can make a great alert dog.


Despite their very energetic and adventurous side, Jack Russells are very affectionate and develop a close bond with their owners. These doggies love spending time with their family and getting lots of cuddles! This dog breed is not particularly dependent but doesn't like to feel out either. Left alone for too long, without stimulation, the Jack Russell could very quickly fall into depression.


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What are the Cons of the Jack Russell's Temperament?

Like all dogs, Jack Russells also have a few character flaws.

Very Energetic

This is a particularly energetic dog. Don't be fooled by your Jack Russell 's small size, these little dogs need to run and exercise every day. They won’t be able to sit for hours on the sofa so, if that’s your jam, this may not be the dog for you! Inactive, your Jack Russell could very quickly become unhappy, and a depressed dog is an unhealthy dog. Some Jack Russells are even known to be hyperactive. This can be very difficult to handle every day, for both the dog and its owner.


This character trait is part of the Jack Russell’s hunting dog temperament but is also exacerbated by boredom. Indeed, if your Jack Russell cannot keep themselves occupied while you’re gone—with toys or games, for example—they will soon go looking for fun elsewhere. This is less of an issue if you live in an apartment with your Jack Russell, but if you have a garden, make sure it is well fenced to prevent your pooch from escaping. Especially at night if your Jack Russell is sleeping in the garden! In any case, to avoid finding yourself in such a situation, spend lots of time with your four-legged friend and make sure they stay happy and entertained. A runaway Jack Russell not only puts their own health at risk but also that of others, as they could be the cause of a road accident, for example.

Sometimes Difficult to Train

Due to their very lively, boisterous side, Jack Russells can be difficult to train. They need to learn how to channel all their excess energy from an early age. Otherwise, your Jack Russell will have trouble staying focused for long. Use treats to motivate your pup and encourage them to continue learning. Dogs are much more eager to obey if they know there’s something in it for them! Be careful not to drag out your dog training sessions for too long, though. Your Jack Russell would just end up getting bored, which would be counterproductive.

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