Labrador Retrievers may be angelically sweet, but they have a feisty side as well. Accidents happen quickly, and the financial consequences can be serious. That's why it's so important to take out health and liability insurance for your Labrador. After all, an owner forewarned is forearmed!

Labrador Retrievers and Liability Insurance

Labrador Liability Insurance: Is It Compulsory?

It's not compulsory to purchase insurance for your Labrador. The law only requires the owners of category 1 (attack dogs) and category 2 (guard and defence dogs) dogs to take out “dangerous dog” liability insurance.

Why Should I Take Out Liability Insurance for My Labrador Retriever?

Although insurance is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended in certain situations:

  • If you take your dog hunting: A specific “hunting dog” policy offers you civil liability and covers bodily, material, and immaterial damage caused during hunting trips, whether caused by the dog or not. This insurance is often accompanied by legal aid in the event of disputes.

  • If you regularly do outdoor activities with your dog: The owner is always held legally responsible for their dog's actions. Special dog liability insurance covers you in the event of material damage or bodily harm resulting from an accident or attack.

Good to know: The law clearly distinguishes the concept of "guarding". If you entrust your dog to a pet sitter and they cause damage, it will be up to the guardian to cover the cost of reparations.

What's the Best Liability Insurance for My Labrador Retriever?

Aside from special insurance for hunting dogs, civil liability insurance is the best type of insurance for your Labrador. Remember to read your policy carefully and make sure you're aware of all the costs and any exceptions!


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Labrador Retrievers and Health Insurance

Labrador Health Insurance: Is It Compulsory?

Labrador health insurance is not compulsory but, just like liability insurance, it is strongly recommended for protecting you from health costs, which can quickly run up a huge bill.

Labrador health insurance policies are generally very simple. They cover all or part of your veterinary costs in the event of illness or accidents, as well as hospitalisation costs. Some policies also offer partial reimbursement for therapeutic feeding, and a fixed price for medicines and preventive measures (vaccines, antiparasitic treatments, etc.).

Dog health insurance policies often offer you the additional option of subscribing to civil liability insurance and death coverage, to help owners mourn their dog.

Why Should I Take Out Health Insurance for My Labrador Retriever?

Subscribing to a health insurance plan is the best way to protect your Labrador's health and make sure that they receive all the necessary care in the event of any health problem. Veterinary fees can be very high and often cause owners to forgo taking care of their pet's needs or to delay necessary treatments.

Even if your pooch has robust health, they are predisposed to certain joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, or eye conditions, like cataracts. Prevention is better than cure: Some health insurance policies don't cover certain diseases once they've been reported.

What's the Best Health Insurance for My Labrador Retriever?

The best health insurance for your dog is whichever policy best meets their health needs. Some policies offer contracts according to dog breed and include specific guarantees according to size (a large dog is not predisposed to the same diseases as a small dog, for example). Their age and health status will also influence the type of contract you need.

It's important to take the time to compare offers and guarantees. We recommend that you check the deductible amounts as well as what is or isn't included in the different packages. For example, sterilising your dog is often not included.

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