Everyone has a strong opinion about the Pit Bull, be it positive or negative! But this strong, imposing dog is much more than just its infamous temperament. Learn all about the Pit Bull’s build below.

How Big Do Pit Bull Terriers Get?

The Pit Bull is a medium to large dog. There is not much difference in the size of males and females: an adult dog measures between 45 and 53cm at the withers, while a bitch measures between 43 and 50cm. Keep in mind that this is only an average and it’s quite possible for your Pit Bull to grow a little bigger, especially as the breed is not recognised in the UK and so does not have an established standard.

How Much Do Pit Bulls Weigh?

The Pit Bull breed is massive, muscular, and strong. The body of the Pit Bull betrays its power. However, in terms of weight, these dogs can be on the light side, around 15kg, with the heaviest individuals reaching up to 30kg. This difference is again explained by the absence of a breed standard. As is the case with most dogs, the dog is often heavier than the bitch. Given its great power in adulthood, it’s vital that you properly train your Pit Bull puppy right from the start. Additionally, there is no particular difference in temperament between the sexes. Your choice of pup will therefore have to be made according to your personal preference.

Please note: There is no such thing as a legal Pit Bull breeder in the UK; under The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 it is illegal to own or breed a Pit Bull. Importing a Pit Bull is illegal as well, as is buying a dog on the black market. However, it is always possible to find any dog breed, including a Pit Bull, in a dog shelter. In this case, you would still be subject to criminal charges if caught by the police.


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Pit Bull Colours

The Pit Bull is characterised by a very short and smooth coat that is stiff to the touch. It does not require a lot of maintenance: a good brushing, once or twice a week, will be more than enough to take care of your Pit Bull's coat outside of moulting periods. During moulting periods, in spring and autumn, you will need to brush your Pit more regularly. Don't wash your Pitbull Terrier too often: one or two baths a year will suffice, unless, of course, your four-legged friend gets very dirty or smelly. If the bad smell persists, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible, as this could indicate a skin condition.

Multiple colours are accepted for the Pit Bull breed, the most common being:

  • Red

  • Black

  • Buckskin (tan with yellow tones)

  • Fawn (tan with red tones)

  • Brown

  • White

  • Brindle

  • Blue

  • Grey

All colours, colour patterns, and colour combinations are accepted for the American Pit Bull Terrier by the federations that do recognise the breed. It’s important to note that The Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, and the FCI, three of the largest and most reputed canine organisations around the world, do not recognise the Pit Bull as a breed.

However, merle and albino coats are not accepted. Merle is a genetic pattern characterised by lighter spots sometimes associated with colour dilution. Unfortunately, the gene that causes merle coats in dogs is recessive and can cause serious health problems, such as deafness or blindness. In some breeds, such as the Australian Shepherd, merle coats are generally healthy, provided breeders have not crossbred between merle individuals, which increases the risk of health issues.

Albinism, on the other hand, is a genetic mutation characterised by a lack of the genes necessary to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for colouring the skin and hair of an animal. Without it, the skin and hair appear much lighter. If the body does not produce any melanin, or far too little, the eyes can also display a pigmentation problem, wherein they appear red, purplish, or slightly white. Albinism occurs throughout the animal world, including in humans.

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