The American Pit Bull Terrier, or simply the Pit Bull, suffers from a very bad reputation in the eyes of the general public. But is it justified? What is the true temperament of the Pit Bull?

What are the Pros of the Pit Bull's Temperament?

Like all dog breeds, the Pit Bull has some good qualities; it would be wrong and unfair to reduce this doggy to the prejudice that surrounds it. In the UK, however, the Pit Bull is not recognised as an official breed by The Kennel Club, so there is no established standard for the breed. On the other hand, the American Pit Bull Terrier is considered an official breed by some federations in the United States, such as the United Kennel Club.


Contrary to popular belief, the Pit Bull is an affectionate, gentle, and kind dog. Pit Bulls get very close to their owners, to whom they display great loyalty. On their own, these dogs are no more of a problem than any other dog breed. Well socialised, the Pit also gets along very well with children and poses no threat to them. However, it’s important to be aware of the strength of this dog and never to leave it unattended with a small child. Accidents can happen quickly, regardless of the dog breed. This is also a protective breed of dog and can make a great watchdog.


The Pit Bull is an intelligent breed of dog that quickly understands what is expected of it, so long as you are neither blunt nor violent. You need to start training your Pit as early as possible, as soon as you welcome your puppy home. Be firm but never abrupt. As is the case with all dogs, training should be based on a positive approach. While generally rather sociable, the Pitbull Terrier can be reserved with strangers.


The Pit Bull is a very athletic dog, and full of energy. This dog breed is well suited to owners who enjoy being active. However, bear in mind that you can never let a Pit Bull off the lead in public and that it must always be muzzled. As such, your Pit will have to be attached to you when you run. This also means that, if you live in an apartment with your Pit Bull, they will never be able to run free.


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What are the Cons of the Pit Bull's Temperament?

Sometimes Dominant with Other Male Dogs

The male Pit Bull can sometimes be dominant with his peers, especially if he has not been trained and socialised properly from an early age. Focus on creating positive experiences for your Pit and allow him to meet as many other dogs as possible. The Pit Bull must remain muzzled at all times in public, which limits his chances of getting into a fight, but your pup could always slip away from you. To avoid accidents from happening, be sure to diligently train and socialise your Pit Bull puppy.

Not Suitable for Everyone

Due to their very nature as so-called dangerous dogs, Pit Bulls are not suitable for everyone. Owners of banned dogs exempted by the court must meet certain criteria. You must: be over the age of 16; have taken out liability insurance for your Pit Bull; be able to show proof of exemption when asked by a police officer or dog warden (either at the time or within 5 days). Moreover, to manage a dog of this size and strength, the Pit Bull requires a firm, naturally authoritative owner with a good prior knowledge of dog training. This is a medium-sized dog with powerful musculature and its owner must be able to keep it under control. This means that training your Pitbull is of utmost importance. 

Are Pit Bulls Naturally Aggressive?

According to the collective imagination, the Pit Bull is an extremely dangerous dog, a killer dog even. But is this really the case? Is the Pit Bull naturally aggressive? The truth is that aggressive behaviour towards humans is not characteristic of the breed. In fact, in good hands, the American Pit Bull Terrier is no more dangerous than any other dog breed. However, in the wrong hands, Pits can do a great deal of damage due to their immense strength and powerful jaw. And, unfortunately, some people acquire this dog breed with the direct intention of creating a violent and aggressive dog.

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