This little dog is not afraid of anything! But the games you play with your Pug should still be relatively calm. A few low-intensity activities can also do them good from time to time, but remember that Pugs often suffer from respiratory problems, due to their squashed noses.

Are Pugs Athletic?

Pugs are not great athletes. Although they may want to join in with all kinds of activities with you, it’s important not to let your Pug overexert themselves physically. This dog breed is affected by brachycephalic syndrome, which causes them to have difficulty breathing. Nonetheless, you still need to take your dog out for a walk from time to time to prevent weight gain and obesity. Just don't overdo it, and respect your dog's behaviour if they decide to stop, for example.

Are Pugs Playful?

Beneath their lazy exterior, Pugs are very playful little doggies, always up for anything! They make great playmates for children because they are both kind and patient by nature. Pugs like to be taken care of and have a hard time being alone. This is why they’ll try and join in with whatever you’re doing. Pug games can involve both intelligence and obedience if you’ve trained your pup from an early age. Note that these doggies like to spend time outside so long as the temperature is mild and it’s not raining. Invest in some brain games for your Pug to keep them occupied while you’re out.


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What Activities Can I Do with My Pug?

Because of their breathing problems and fragile joints, the activities you can do with a Pug are quite limited. However, this is a very curious pooch who loves to spend time outdoors, weather conditions permitting. Additionally, this is a very sociable dog who enjoys meeting new people and other animals. Leisurely walks are more than enough to keep your Pug entertained and get them exercising a little. Learn to recognise the signs of respiratory distress in order to react quickly and properly in the event of a cardiovascular accident (strange noises when breathing, odd behaviour, unusual movements in the abdomen, etc.).

Even if you do have a garden, don't forget to take your pooch outside every now and then. Intellectually speaking, it’s very stimulating for dogs to venture out into the world. It also gives you the chance to practise any commands you’ve been teaching your Pug.

What Kind of Games Do Pugs Like to Play?

The Pug’s favourite games all involve their beloved humans, big and small. Ball games are obviously one of the best and easiest to play with your pooch. Despite not being very athletic, the Pug loves to play fetch. Make sure you only throw objects that are suitable for the size of your Pug’s jaw.

Other Pug games can be played at home, such as hide-and-seek. Remember that the Pug is a big foodie, so they love treat-based toys like the Kong. Finally, consider playing water games with your Pug in the summer to help keep them cool. These doggies can't stand the heat - so it's your responsibility to help keep their body temperature nice and low. You can have lots of family fun with a simple garden hose!

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