The Pug is a very popular dog around the world. This adorable little dog, with its unique and immediately recognisable appearance, also has a rather easygoing temperament, which makes it the ideal companion for many.

What are the Pros of the Pug's Temperament?

Like all dog breeds, the Pug has numerous wonderful qualities. As such, Pugs make wonderful companion dogs for all different types of owners. However, keep in mind that any breed standard offers general advice and characteristics regarding the breed and that every individual dog is unique and has its own personality. It’s quite possible, even likely, to see variations in temperament with individuals of the same breed. In general, though, there is no difference in temperament between male and female Pugs. Ask your breeder to help you choose the pup that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Cheerful and Happy

The Pug is known for being a bit of a clown. And for good reason! This little doggy is always happy and loves to entertain. Pugs make wonderful playmates for children, with whom they get along splendidly. However, despite being a small dog, you should never leave your Pug unattended with very young children: accidents happen quickly.

Gets Close to Owner

Pugs get particularly close to their owners. They enjoy human company and would much prefer to spend time with their family than frolic alone in the garden. This also makes the Pug perfectly suited to apartment living. Loyal and affectionate, these doggies cannot stand being alone and tend to need a lot of attention.

Easy to Live With

The Pug is very easy to get along with and to live with. This dog breed is not known for its bark as much as other small dogs, unless it’s to signal the presence of visitors or let you know it’s feeling lonely or bored. Pugs do need present owners, but also enjoy taking a quiet nap on the sofa. 

Doesn't Need Much Exercise

This can be either a quality or a flaw, depending on your perspective. The Pug is a homebody, who doesn't need to exercise much or expend a lot of energy to be happy. These are not very athletic dogs and will be satisfied with simple, easy walks to stretch their legs and do their business. This makes the Pug greatly suited to apartment living and less active lifestyles, such as with an elderly couple, for example. This dog breed is a little less suitable for very athletic people who want to take their dog everywhere with them.


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What are the Cons of the Pug's Temperament?

As with all dog breeds, Pugs also have a few character flaws. These are by no means prohibitive, but it’s always best to know what you’re dealing with beforehand.


The Pug has a greedy side that can prove to be quite problematic over time. Indeed, this little pooch is prone to weight gain and obesity. Being overweight will have direct consequences on the health of your Pug. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a healthy diet adapted to your Pug’s needs. And go lightly on the treats!

Stubborn Sometimes

Beneath the Pug’s adorable exterior lies a strong will. This stubborn side can be particularly tricky when it comes to dog training, because your pooch may not always want to listen to you, especially if you get angry with them. Don't give in to your Pug too easily, either. It’s imperative that you train your Pug the same as you would a big dog. Even the smallest dogs need structure and boundaries to be perfectly happy and balanced.

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