Despite their small build, training your Pug is an important step to help them evolve and grow safely in their new environment. Dog training should always be firm but kind, especially with a stubborn breed like the Pug. As with all dogs, the earlier you start your training routine, the better; it's the key to having an obedient, well-rounded adult dog.

Are Pugs Hard to Train?

Although we tend to think the opposite, the Pug is not a particularly easy dog ​​to train. Despite their adorable, very cuddly exterior, these dogs can be quite stubborn and even a little lazy. As such, it’s important to start training your Pug as soon as you welcome your new puppy home, at the age of two months. They may be tiny, but they need to learn the basics. Start with the essentials: potty training, learning to be alone, basic commands, and sociability. The Pug is a naturally sociable dog towards both humans and other animals, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with this, but it’s still an essential step to help you avoid issues down the line. Training your Pug will require a little patience and a lot of love. Try not to get cross with your pooch, else you may find them turning against you and refusing to obey!

Pug Obedience Training

You Pug's level of obedience can be… unreliable. This can make training your Pug a little complicated. They are quite capable of understanding and following commands, but they have to want to. Obedience training requires a lot of patience, but it's essential for living in harmony with this small dog, as well as guaranteeing their safety. A kind but firm hand will quickly put your pooch in place. Set boundaries right from the start and stick to them. The younger your pooch, the better your chances of success. Fortunately, the Pug is a very playful dog who loves to be taken care of. Be careful though, they love to entertain and also happen to be great pranksters!


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If your Pug is struggling to concentrate, you can bring out your secret weapon: healthy dog treats! You’ll find training your Pug much easier if you give them rewards that they can eat. After all, this dog breed is very greedy! Be careful not to overdo it, though. This dog breed is prone to weight gain and obesity, the consequences of which can be serious for your Pug's health. Plan your dog training sessions right before mealtimes, for example. This way, you can use some of your dog’s daily food ration as a reward and you don’t need to add extra treats to their diet.

Pug Training Tips

To train your Pug successfully, you’ll need to follow several basic principles:

  • Start dog training as early as possible

  • Use a positive approach and ban all forms of violence (verbal and physical)

  • Offer rewards (oral praise, games, treats, etc.)

  • Be patient, coherent, and consistent!

Dog training should always be based on a positive approach. Dogs are very sensitive creatures and your Pug may turn against you if they think you’ve taken it too far. Positive reinforcement is a proven training technique. Instead of punishing your dog's bad behaviour, encourage the good - it works! To do this, just completely ignore any mistakes or poor behaviour from your dog. Your Pug won't necessarily understand what they’ve done wrong, but will quickly make the connection between good behaviour and rewards!

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