The Rottweiler is an energetic dog who needs exercise and stimulation in order to be happy. Thanks to the breed’s intelligence, obedience, and endurance, they can take part in many canine activities. You’re spoiled for choice!

Are Rottweilers Athletic?

The Rottweiler is made for sports. This is an athletic dog with well-developed musculature and high stamina. Cut out for life in the great outdoors, this is a dog who needs to be able to exercise every day to stay in shape and really thrive. They particularly enjoy activities that appeal to both their physical strength and intellect.

Whether you live in an apartment or have a lot of outdoor space, this large breed dog needs several long walks each day. Not only to help strengthen their socialisation skills but also to help strengthen the bond with their master. Be careful, however: in public spaces, Rottweilers must always be muzzled and kept on a lead

Are Rottweilers Playful?

This is not the most games-oriented dog breed, but with family, Rottweilers can be playful and even clown around to delight their audience. This is especially true for puppies who are very fiery and always looking for fun.


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What Activities Can I Do with My Rottweiler?

There are plenty of activities to do with this dog breed. Rottweilers are ideal companions for athletic people and keen outdoorsmen. Bikejoring and canicross are perfect activities for this pooch, thanks to their endurance and love of running. Canine activities like agility are also great for developing and strengthening your dog’s obedience training.


One of your Rottweiler's favourite times of day! Beneath their imposing exterior, this dog likes to meet people. This is also a necessary step for furthering their socialisation training. This large dog needs several long walks a day, whether you live in the city or the countryside. Plan for at least one long walk of 1.5-2 hours.


Bikejoring is a great activity to do with your Rott. This pulling sport was originally used to train sled dogs. It involves attaching your dog to a towline and letting them pull and run ahead of you on a bike. It doesn't require a lot of equipment, other than a good bike and a lead. This activity allows your dog to really exert themselves while also serving as a great bonding experience, with the dog and the handler working together


This dog breed has a particularly strong sense of smell, so tracking is a perfect activity to incorporate into your Rottweiler’s training routine. It appeals to their excellent sense of smell and tenacious nature. All you have to do is hide an object, let your pooch smell it, and let their senses do the rest!

What Kind of Games Do Rottweilers Like to Play?

Outdoor games are by far the most appealing to a Rottweiler. They allow your dog to exert their boundless energy. Rottweilers particularly enjoy games that appeal to their physical abilities but do not shy away from brain games either.

Ball Games or Frisbee

A classic! Like all good dogs, Rottweilers love to play ball! It's a very easy activity to set up and allows your pooch to get a lot of exercise too. The premise is quite simple: just throw a ball or frisbee and ask your dog to catch it and bring it back. Besides being lots of fun, this game allows you to work on obedience training and understanding commands. You can play it in your garden, but don't forget to go further afield too - it's great for socialising your dog in particular.

Brain Games

On rainy days or when you need to leave your pooch alone for a short while, brain games are perfect for entertaining your Rottweiler. There are all kinds on the market, which appeal to your dog's intelligence, thinking, and logic. Brain games can be played solo or in a group. They often involve a treat that can be eaten at the end, which will keep your pooch entertained for a while! There are other games you can play together with your dog, like hide-and-seek. This is especially ideal if you live in an apartment.

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