Rottweilers often get a bad reputation. Wrongly regarded as a dangerous, aggressive dog, this handsome hound is actually a kind and gentle animal, provided you take the time to properly understand and train it. But even so, is a Rottweiler suitable for everyone? And, more importantly, is it suitable for you? Find out below!

What are the Pros of the Rottweiler's Temperament?

The Rottweiler is a popular dog breed for good reason. This soft-hearted pooch has many great qualities, which make it not only a very good companion and family dog but also an excellent working or rescue dog. Rottweilers just need experienced masters who understand the breed and have a solid foundation in dog training. If you’re looking for a puppy with a particular temperament, better suited to your lifestyle, don't hesitate to ask your breeder for advice.


This is one of the Rottweiler’s great strengths. Their physical appearance is imposing and dissuasive, and accompanied by a highly developed instinct for guarding and protecting. In Roman times, this dog breed was used to herd cattle. It is therefore natural that the modern Rottweiler retains a very strong predisposition to guard dog work. Your Rottweiler will never hesitate to put themselves in danger to protect their people; they will do anything to defend their family and territory.


The Rottweiler is a very affectionate dog, especially with children. These dogs are very gentle with kids, but nonetheless, you should always keep an eye on your dog around toddlers. Rottweilers are sociable animals, who can get along perfectly well with other pets like cats, or even exotic pets. Getting along with fellow dogs won't be a problem either, provided your four-legged friend has been socialised properly from a young age.


The Rottweiler is a playful and energetic dog who enjoys all types of games and activities. This dog breed makes great playmates for children, but will also happily join you on long hikes or bike rides. Be careful, however: in many countries, Rottweilers have to remain on the lead and wear a muzzle at all times in public.


Historically, Rottweilers were used primarily to herd livestock and pull carts full of butchered meat to market. As such, the breed maintains a very strong desire to help. Docile and tolerant if trained and socialised properly, Rottweilers can be found in many service roles, such as police dogs, therapy dogs, and guard dogs.


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What are the Cons of the Rottweiler's Temperament?

Like all dog breeds, the Rottweiler also has a few small flaws. Additionally, this dog breed has a very impressive build, matched only by its strength. As such, it's always better to know what you're dealing with in advance so that you can be prepared to handle it correctly. 

Disobedient Sometimes

The Rottweiler is a large dog with a strong character, and can sometimes be stubborn. Patience is therefore essential with this breed. Dominant by nature, Rottweilers like to take charge and will only respond to a master with a character as strong as theirs, who knows how to assert their authority.

Can Be Difficult to Train

As a consequence of the previous point, Rottweilers can sometimes be difficult to train. They need a master with a firm hand, capable of taking control without ever being violent. Training your Rottweiler should never be left to chance, because such a large dog, especially in adulthood, could do a lot of damage if not properly trained. Rottweilers are not recommended for first-time dog owners. And, even for the more experienced, it could be helpful to call on the services of a behaviourist or professional dog trainer.


Rottweilers need owners who are present to be happy. There’s no point in having several acres of land available if your pooch doesn’t have anyone to share it with. This is why Rottweilers can live in the city, and even in an apartment, so long as they get enough exercise. This dog breed can't stand being left alone. As such, if you’re thinking about adopting a Rottweiler, it’s imperative that you’re honest with yourself about your lifestyle, and whether or not you will have enough time to devote to your pooch. Leaving your dog alone for too long puts them at risk of developing separation anxiety and the related problematic behaviours (excessive barking, destructive behaviour, etc.).

Are Rottweilers Aggressive?

Rottweilers are not naturally aggressive, no. As a general rule, they won’t attack without reason, and only then to defend themselves or their family. However, this is a very powerful dog breed that can do a lot of damage with its strong jaw and incredible musculature. Unfortunately, in the wrong hands, a Rottweiler can prove problematic. This statement is true of any large breed dog though. For example, a Golden Retriever could seriously injure someone if not properly trained.

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