Choosing the right accessories for your Shiba Inu is essential! And this goes for their dog bed as well. But how can you be sure you’re making the right choice for your dog? Check out our detailed guide below.

What Size Dog Bed for a Shiba Inu?

It’s important to choose a dog bed that’s perfectly proportionate to the size of your Shiba Inu. A dog bed should be neither too big nor too small. Most, but not all, dogs like to feel surrounded and protected. As a general rule, the edges of your dog’s bed should just touch them on all sides when lying down. However, some dogs prefer a large flat pillow or cushion without an edge. Be sure to pay attention to your Shiba’s preferences, and change their sleeping arrangements if need be. Also, bear in mind that the size of your dog’s bed will need to change as your Shiba grows.

What's the Best Material for a Shiba Inu’s Dog Bed?

There is a lot of variety on the market when it comes to dog beds. You can find plastic, fabric, leather, and even wicker dog beds or baskets. Plastic dog beds have the advantage of being very strong and easy to clean. They are also much less likely to get infested with parasites, such as dust mites. On the other hand, plastic is a hard and uncomfortable material so, if you choose this option, line your dog’s bed with cushions and blankets to create a cosy sleeping space for your Shiba Inu. Leather and fabric dog beds are usually more expensive, but also more comfortable. However, they do tend to get destroyed rather easily, as well as being more difficult to clean and more susceptible to parasite infestations. Finally, wicker baskets should be avoided, especially if your Shiba Inu has a tendency to nibble or chew anything they find. Wicker breaks down quite easily and can present a risk of the debris being ingested and causing intestinal obstruction or suffocation.


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Where Should I Put My Shiba Inu's Dog Bed?

Choose your Shiba’s sleeping area carefully. Somewhere out of the way like a quiet corner of the living room is ideal. Your Shiba Inu’s bed should be well ventilated in the summer and warm at night. Your dog needs to be able to rest in peace without fear of being disturbed. If you have children, teach them not to wake your Shiba Inu when sleeping. No matter how nice or well trained your dog is, they might react badly to be woken up!

Try to avoid having your Shiba Inu’s bed in your bedroom, at least at first. You don’t want to encourage your dog to develop an over-attachment to you, as this could quickly lead to separation anxiety. To prevent this, it’s also important to teach your Shiba Inu to be alone from a young age. Initially, try letting your puppy sleep outside your room and revisit this issue later if you wish. It may not be a problem having your dog sleep with you once the hierarchical relationship has been firmly established. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to seek advice from a canine behaviourist.

Can a Shiba Inu Sleep Outdoors?

The Shiba Inu is a hardy and robust dog. Well protected by a thick coat, these doggies don’t suffer from the cold. As such, your Shiba Inu is perfectly suited to sleeping outside, so long as you provide them with adequate shelter. Choose a kennel adapted to the size of your pooch. We generally advise that a dog's kennel should be about ten centimetres higher than its standing height. Your Shiba Inu should be able to stand up and turn around without touching the walls.

As with dog beds, there are several types of dog kennel on the market. The most common materials for a kennel are plastic and wood. While plastic kennels are easier to clean and much less expensive, they are not very well insulated. And insulation is essential for a good dog kennel. As such, we recommend that you opt for a wooden dog kennel, which is more expensive but constitutes a better investment in the long run. Wooden kennels are much sturdier and offer great insulation from both the cold and the heat.

Place your Shiba’s kennel in an open area where your pooch can get a good view of their territory. In the summer, try to move the kennel into the shade to better protect it from the heat. Never tie your Shiba Inu up in front of their kennel! Your dog must be able to move around the garden as they wish and take shelter if necessary. Finally, make sure your garden is fenced and secure to prevent your Shiba Inu from escaping.

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