Cane Corsi are fairly easy-going doggies; all they require is lots of love and regular exercise. Despite their imposing appearance, Cane Corsi are also very calm and can live quite happily in an apartment, so long as their owners are not too sedentary. If socialised from an early age, they will easily accept the presence of other animals in your home.

Cane Corsi and Apartments

Despite their impressive size, Cane Corsi can live in apartments. If you take your dog out enough and do some high-intensity activity with them from time to time, your Cane Corso will acclimatise to life in the city. Cane Corsi are fairly independent and quite calm, which means you will have no problem leaving them alone for short periods. Just be sure to take the time to take care of them, too! 

Cane Corsi and Houses

If you have a house and, even better, a garden, your Cane Corso will be the happiest pup in the world! If your dog has easy access to the outside, they will handle your absences better. Life in the countryside also allows your pooch to practise their favourite activity: keeping watch! These doggies make great guard dogs, who love to watch over your property and protect their family. Nevertheless, be sure to take them for walks outside the house as well, not just to introduce them to new places, but also and especially to allow them to socialise with other people and dogs.   

Cane Corsi and Kids

Cane Corsi love the company of humans, especially children. Being very patient, they make ideal playmates; they're happy to be played with and also to join in with your kids' games. Make sure, however, to always keep an eye on them. The Cane Corso's build is large and heavy, so your dog could easily be the cause of an accident, without meaning to.


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Cane Corsi and Other Animals


The Cane Corso is well known for being the perfect guard dog. As such, these dogs defend their family and are quite suspicious of strangers. Nonetheless, they will only bark or act on their protective instinct if they deem it necessary. Your Cane Corso will probably not feel threatened by a cat, especially if they're part of the family. However, you also need to be sure that your cat will accept a dog of this size in the house.  


If they've grown up together, dogs can form very strong friendships. They quickly become playmates and keep each other company while you're out of the house. This is generally the case with the Cane Corso, although males can sometimes be a bit territorial and not accept other dogs of the same sex. If you have successfully socialised your pooch, however, the risk of this is quite low.   

Other Animals

Just like with cats, Cane Corsi can just as easily feel threatened by another animal as ignore it or become friends with it. It all depends on your dog's age and training. Either way, be sure to never leave your dog alone with another animal at first. After all, Cane Corsi are descended from hunting dogs.

Cane Corsi and Hot Weather

The Cane Corso comes from Italy. This means that, despite having a short coat of excellent quality, these dogs are used to a Mediterranean climate and cannot stand extreme heat. Be sure to keep your pooch properly hydrated, especially during periods of hot weather. 

Cane Corsi and Low Temperatures

The Cane Corso has a very short undercoat, which helps to protect them from bad weather. However, they are not equipped to handle low temperatures. If you live in an area where it gets very cold in winter, be sure to keep your dog in the house to sleep to keep them nice and warm.

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