The Chihuahua is a tiny dog with a tremendous capacity for adaptation. They can be just as happy in the city as in the countryside. The Chihuahua's living conditions are therefore quite flexible. And, although they prefer to be the sole recipient of their master's attention, they can get along with other animals. In short, this little companion dog is relatively easy-going.

Chihuahuas and Apartments

This little dog copes very well with apartment living because it's not a big athlete - unless naps on the sofa become a recognised sport someday! As such, an apartment can be the perfect fit for your Chihuahua's living conditions. Please note: Even if they are homebodies, Chihuahuas who live in apartments still need to exercise every day in order to let off steam and avoid gaining weight. Activity is essential to your Chihuahua's health. You should keep in mind that this dog barks a lot, which is not always easy for neighbours to accept.

Chihuahuas and Houses

A house with outdoor space is the ideal environment for your Chihuahua's living conditions. Being as lively and full of energy as they are, a garden allows them to stretch their legs at will and indulge in all their favourite games. Remember to secure any outdoor area well, not only the fence but also any objects that could injure your dog. Out in the countryside, this small, lightweight dog can be easy prey for other animals, so it's best not to leave them unattended.

Chihuahuas and Children

Chihuahuas are relatively sociable and can live with children, so long as your kids aren't too young and can understand the fragility that comes with your dog's small size. Chihuahuas are prone to disconcerting reactions whenever they feel afraid or attacked: this can range from barking to biting. To guarantee good living conditions for your Chihuahua, teach your children to respect your dog.


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Chihuahuas and Other Animals


Dog/cat cohabitation is entirely possible if the puppy and kitten are socialised from an early age. Chihuahuas are possessive by nature and generally don't like sharing their master. Therefore, the presence of a tomcat may present a problem for your Chihuahua's living conditions.


Chihuahuas have a real "clan" instinct and get along best with other Chihuahuas or Chihuahua mixes. They can also coexist with other breeds, but relationships may be difficult to establish. These little dogs are fearless and won't hesitate to challenge bigger dogs - even at the risk of their life! It's all about early socialisation, temperament, and compatibility: some breeds are very dominant. Your Chihuahua's living conditions could be affected by the presence of another dog if the introductions are not made correctly.

Other Animals

Chihuahuas can tolerate the presence of small pets such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, or hamsters, although it's best to keep them in their cages when your dog is around.

Chihuahuas and Hot Weather

Chihuahuas love high temperatures; it's not unusual to find them basking in the sun or napping under a pile of blankets to stay warm. Nonetheless, when temperatures are high, it's best to ensure that your pooch spends some time each day in a cool room. It's also necessary to keep your dog well hydrated to avoid them getting heatstroke. A hot climate is no problem at all for a Chihuahua's living conditions!

Chihuahuas and Low Temperatures

Chihuahuas have little to no undercoat. This makes them very vulnerable to cold temperatures, which cause them to shiver. For this reason, we recommend you dress your pooch in some warm clothing during the winter and protect their paws from the cold with a protective barrier cream to prevent the appearance of cracks. We also recommend that you leave more time between baths when the temperatures drop: the skin then secretes more sebum which acts a natural barrier.

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