Chihuahuas are little balls of fur, energy, and love. Lively and playful, they love naps and cuddles as much as outdoor games. The Chihuahua's temperament makes them the perfect family dog. Protective and fiercely loyal towards their master, this little dog requires a lot of attention and good training to help them become the perfect life companion.

Chihuahua Temperament: Strengths


The Chihuahua is a lively little dog who loves to exercise. They enjoy any type of game, so long as it promises a good time in the company of their beloved master. They excel at ball or frisbee games. And, since they have a tendency to act like cats, they're also pretty impressive at hide-and-seek. This dog is also a real joker who likes to entertain and make people laugh, using and abusing that cute little face with the big eyes and ears.


Another great characteristic of the Chihuahua's temperament. This is a faithful, loyal dog who gets very attached to their owners. They are always on the lookout for cuddles and strokes, and never tire of taking naps curled up in their master's lap. Their small size allows them to be carried anywhere, which suits them well because they're pretty clingy animals who hate being separated from their owners. Ideal as a first dog, Chihuahuas are a real ball of daily love and affection.


This dog's level of bravery is inversely proportional to its small size. Truth be told, seeing a Chihuahua bark at a dog three times its size, you'd think they had no idea they're the smallest dogs in the world! They are completely fearless and won't hesitate to protect their owner or defend themselves if they feel threatened. An intruder? A stranger? Nope, nothing phases them, but they’ll be sure to bark very loudly to sound the alarm!


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Chihuahua Temperament: Weaknesses

Although they have a lot of good qualities, the Chihuahua's temperament is in no way flawless.

Barks a Lot

Barking is this dog's favourite defence, but it's not just that: they also bark when they're bored or to remind their owner of their presence, day or night. Their little high-pitched barks can quickly become annoying, even creating conflict with neighbours if your apartment isn’t well soundproofed. Fortunately, good Chihuahua training and fun activities can help resolve this behaviour.

Can’t Stand Being Alone

This is one of the most annoying flaws in the Chihuahua's temperament: these little dogs get very attached to their owners. Separation and loneliness can cause anxiety and stress for your pooch. The result can be continuous barking or destructive behaviour, which is not particularly easy to live with (your dog doing their business in the house or chewing your favourite things is never pleasant!). To avoid this separation anxiety, we recommend that you accustom your Chihuahua to being alone.


Small, but very stubborn! Chihuahuas are far from the easiest dogs to train because they tend to do whatever they please, even at the risk of putting themselves in danger. Firm, consistent training with lots of positive reinforcement can make this little dog more pliable. It's best to start teaching them to follow commands while they're still puppies - it will be more difficult to correct this trait once they reach adulthood.


Another little flaw in the Chihuahua's temperament is their shyness. Paradoxical as it may sound for a dog with courage to spare, it's not uncommon for Chihuahuas to be suspicious and shy. This character trait is not necessarily innate: it's more likely to be the result of maladjusted living conditions (too noisy, for example) or poor socialisation.

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