Pet insurance is essential for protecting your dog from minor accidents over the course of their life. On the one hand, liability insurance covers you if your dog harms others. And on the other, pet health insurance helps you pay the veterinary costs in the event that your German Shepherd is affected by an illness, or is the victim of a road accident, for example. Conventional insurers and other more specialised German Shepherd insurance companies now offer packages for pets, so you're spoilt for choice!

German Shepherds and liability insurance

German Shepherd liability insurance: is it compulsory?

No insurance is compulsory for "classic" pets. However, it is better to have adequate liability insurance in the event that your dog harms others. Even though German Shepherd training is essential and they’re not aggressive dogs by nature, they are still great guard dogs who won't hesitate to defend themselves and their master if they feel threatened. It's important to note that some canine areas require this type of insurance for German Shepherds.

So-called dangerous dogs, i.e. guard, defence, and attack dogs, are required to have civil liability insurance. Although the German Shepherd is an excellent guard dog, it does not fall into the category of dogs who are likely to be dangerous.

Why should I take out liability insurance for my German Shepherd?

If your dog is responsible for an accident, you may be held liable for damages. Depending on the severity of the accident, this compensation—which is usually of a financial nature—could prove to be high. If you don't have a liability insurance policy, you'll be required to pay the full amount out of your own pocket. It’s important to note that someone can file a complaint against you for something as simple as a ripped item of clothing, or a fall from a bicycle. Therefore, German Shepherd insurance could be a good idea for you and your pooch.

What's the best liability insurance for my German Shepherd?

If you wish to be covered in the event of an accident caused by your dog, take out third party liability insurance (private RC). Speak to your current insurance provider, they may be able to provide you with this service.


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German Shepherds and health insurance

German Shepherd health insurance: is it compulsory?

German Shepherd health insurance isn’t compulsory for your pet either. However, it’s very beneficial for all dog or cat owners to have. German Shepherd health insurance allows you to control your veterinary budget, from the first few months of your German Shepherd's life.

Thanks to canine health insurance, and depending on the policy you've contracted, you'll be fully or partially reimbursed for your veterinary expenses: surgery, illness, hospitalisation, and assistance in the event of loss or death. In addition, some health insurance policies also include liability insurance.

Why should I take out health insurance for my German Shepherd?

Unless you keep your dog locked up all day in an apartment in the middle of the city—which you definitely should not!—they will inevitably one day fall victim to one of life's many hazards. Small accidents happen quickly and owners don't always have the means to afford full veterinary expenses, which sometimes come at an exorbitant price. This is why we strongly recommend you contract a health insurance policy for your pooch. With age, your German Shepherd’s health may deteriorate, and they become more prone to certain dog diseases: hip dysplasia, dog osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, etc. Health insurance is therefore a reasonable solution to protect your German Shepherd in the long term.

  • Please note: You should take out German Shepherd health insurance as soon as possible - don't wait for something to happen to them.

What's the best health insurance for my German Shepherd?

There are many pet health insurance companies that offer different types of coverage. There's an option for every budget! The ideal health insurance policy would 100% protect your dog, which is to say that regardless of the cause of the trauma, it fully covers all the medical costs for your German Shepherd. The reimbursement of veterinary expenses is calculated according to the contract you've signed, but also depends on your dog's age and breed. If you plan to travel with your dog outside of your home country, you should make sure you also have adequate pet travel insurance.

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