Golden Retrievers have a very recognisable physique and a glorious long, golden coat. But did you know that there are three types of Golden Retriever?

Physical Appearance

Within the Golden Retriever breed, there are three different types that each have their own characteristics: British, American, and Canadian. The British type is the most common in Europe and Australia. The Canadian type is the rarer of the three.

These gorgeous doggies have a broad, square head, which is well defined and proportional to the rest of their body. They have a wide jaw, suitable for retriever work; lest we forget that, before earning their spot as one of Britain's favourite companion dogs, Golden Retrievers were first and foremost hunting dogs who excelled at retrieving game. So, it makes sense that this aptitude is reflected in the modern Golden Retriever's build.

The Golden Retriever’s muzzle is also broad. They have a highly developed sense of smell, which is often used to search for missing persons or prohibited products. The nose is usually black, but may be pink in some dogs. Their eyes are often hazel and they have characteristic floppy ears.

What is the Difference Between an American Golden Retriever and a British Golden Retriever?

The distinction between the two types of Golden Retriever is made mostly in the United States, where the American type is inevitably more common. The first difference is found in the colour of the coat: the British Golden Retriever has a creamy golden coat, while the American Golden Retriever sports darker undertones. The British Golden Retriever has a larger skull and more muscular forequarters than its counterpart.

The coat of the American type is thicker and denser, while the British type has a shorter, more wavy coat. Another difference is the size: the British Golden Retriever is taller and bulkier than its American counterpart, who is slimmer and less muscular than the other two types. For their part, Canadian Golden Retrievers are characterised by a thinner, darker coat, and are generally larger than the other two types.


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Golden Retriever Colour

As the name suggests, the general colour of the Golden Retriever is golden. There are, however, several shades of gold, all of which are accepted by the breed standard. White, on the other hand, is not permissible. The coat should not display any shade of red. The golden colour palette is divided into four main official categories. Remember to groom your dog regularly to maintain their magnificent coat. These are the accepted colours for a Golden Retriever:

  • Light golden

  • Cream

  • Golden

  • Dark golden

What is the Average Size of a Golden Retriever?

We will base ourselves here on the British type, which is the most common in Europe. This is a medium to large-sized dog. In adulthood, males can reach between 56 and 61cm, while females are between 51 and 56cm tall.  The male weighs between 28 and 32kg, while the female weighs between 24 and 28kg.

Golden Retriever Growth

The growth of a Golden Retriever puppy is very rapid during the first few months of its life. At around three months old, a female puppy weighs between 9.6 and 11.7kg, while a male puppy weighs between 11.4 and 12.7kg. By six months old, a puppy will have doubled in weight. At one year, a female will weigh between 24.2 and 30.8kg, versus 29 to 32.7kg for a male. 

Golden Retrievers finish growing at around 18 months old. This growth period is a sensitive time, so be sure to closely monitor your Golden Retriever’s diet to prevent weight gain and ensure the proper development of their joints. Be careful not to put too much stress on your pup's joints to avoid the onset of hip or elbow dysplasia.

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