The smallest variety of the German Spitz, the Pomeranian is a tiny dog with a big personality. Despite its mini size, this is a dog with a strong will, who sure knows how to get noticed!

What are the Pros of the Pomeranian's Temperament?

This little doggy is full of great qualities. Pomeranians make wonderful companion dogs, both for families with children and the elderly. Of course, not all dogs of the same breed have the same character. This list is indicative and based on The Kennel Club breed standard. Even within the same litter, not all puppies will have the same temperament. Ask your breeder to help you choose the pup that best suits your own personality and lifestyle.


The Pomeranian knows how to put everyone in a good mood. These energetic little dogs tend to clown around and make great playmates for children. Despite their small size, Pomeranians enjoy exercise and will happily participate in canine activities such as tracking, agility, or musical canine freestyle. They are not so resilient, however, so play sessions will need to be limited to prevent them from getting tired. Be sure to teach your kids not to be too abrupt your Pom; their limbs are fragile and fractures are not uncommon.


The Pomeranian is a friendly and sociable dog. Affectionate with their family, they enjoy the company of others, and can even get along very well with other pets, such as cats or exotic pets, so long as they have been socialised properly during their youth. Poms have no hunting instinct but they can be pretty stubborn, and may even stand up against a dog much larger than them if they deem it necessary.


Pomeranians aren’t afraid of anything!. They often forget their own size and will pick a fight with much larger animals if necessary. This is a dog who knows what they want—sometimes a little too much so!—and their master will need to learn how to channel this side of their nature.


Pomeranians are known for being very intelligent, although a little stubborn at times, like any good Spitz. This intelligence makes it easier for you to train your Pomeranian, and they are quick to learn what you want from them. However, avoid asking too much of your pooch at once, as you could risk frustrating them and halting their progress!


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What are the Cons of the Pomeranian's Temperament?

Like all dogs, Pomeranians also have a few character flaws.

Barks a Lot

Pomeranians love to make themselves heard, for any and everything. Although not big enough to serve as watchdogs, they make excellent alert dogs. They will bark at the slightest opportunity, as soon as a stranger approaches, for example. This behaviour can very quickly become problematic if you live in an apartment; unwanted barking all day long will inevitably disturb your neighbours.


Although these days the Pomeranian is the quintessential companion dog, it is still a variety of Spitz. And Spitzes are well-known for their strong character and a certain independence from their owners. While Pomeranians love being with their human family, they are also quite happy alone, for short periods. However, their stubborn nature must be taken into account, especially in the context of training your dog.

Aggressive Sometimes

If your Pom is poorly socialised or badly trained, they could be aggressive with other dogs or other animals. This is their way of asserting themselves to make people forget their miniature size. This is often the case with small dog breeds. After all, the Pomeranian only measures about twenty centimetres at the withers when they reach full adult size, in both males and females. In comparison, the Wolfsspitz, the largest variety of German Spitz, measures double the size! In any case, this aggressive behaviour can complicate walks, because your little pooch might pick on someone stronger than them. As such, training must begin as early as possible.

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