Chihuahuas are full of energy and have a rather lively mind. Despite their small build, they're always enthusiastic about doing activities with you! So, don't hesitate to invest in some Chihuahua games.

Are Chihuahuas Sporty?

Chihuahuas are not great athletes. Not because they're not lively and agile—on the contrary—but because their small size doesn't allow them to be very resilient. No need to break the bank for energetic Chihuahua games. Chihuahuas are about 20cm tall—really tiny!—and can only sustain a pace proportional to their build. They'll be perfectly delighted to accompany you on a walk in the countryside or a hike in the mountains.

  • It's important to note that Chihuahuas are prone to hypoglycaemic attacks. Always carry a sweet treat with you to deal with any immediate problem.

Are Chihuahuas Playful?

There's no doubt that Chihuahuas love to play with young and old owners alike! This is an intelligent, lively dog who needs to expend their energy, even indoors. Plan Chihuahua games that allow them to exercise their body and work their brain at the same time. Games are essential for preventing boredom in dogs and the consequences that may follow: excessive barking, destructive behaviour, etc. Chihuahua games can also help with their training by helping you to strengthen your bond with your pooch daily.


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What Activities Can I Do With My Chihuahua?

In addition to Chihuahua games, your dog needs appropriate activities for their size. Don't worry too much, they'll be content with just about anything! Thanks to the good temperament of your Chihuahua, a simple ball game will make them happy. The ball needs to be relatively small so that they can hold it in their mouth without straining their fragile jaw.

You can also take them for regular walks. Chihuahuas like to exercise outdoors and discover new horizons. This allows them to sniff out new smells, which is very stimulating for a dog. When walking, always remember to bring enough water to properly hydrate your pooch. Thanks to their short little legs, they will tire a lot faster than you! Invest in a small carry case for your Chihuahua so you can carry them when they're too tired to walk anymore.

Finally, this dog is very good at hide-and-seek! This is a Chihuahua game that you can play indoors or outdoors, with one or more players. Choose between hiding yourself or a treat. This is a game of intelligence that your Chihuahua will love and have lots of fun with!

What Kind of Games Do Chihuahuas Like to Play?

Although Chihuahuas have a strong character, it's not difficult to keep them entertained. Chihuahua games and simple toys do just the trick! For example, cuddly toys allow them to keep themselves occupied. Plus, even the smallest cuddly toys are usually about the same size as your little pooch. So, they get a lot of pleasure from playing with this type of toy and expend a lot of energy carrying it around.

Squeaky toys are also great for your curious Chihuahua - they find them very stimulating! Chihuahuas are very chatty dogs and can have long conversations with their squeaky toy. Sensitive ears, beware!

Finally, many intelligence games are perfectly suited to the Chihuahua's size and temperament. For example, the pot game. Very easy to set up, just take three small pots (e.g. yoghurt pots) and line them up in front of your dog. Hide a dog treat under one pot and swap the pots around. Then, ask your dog to guess where the treat is!

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