Being very intelligent dogs, Golden Retrievers are easy to train. In fact, they are one of the brightest dog breeds in terms of obedience training. Patient and resilient, these doggies are good at a whole host of physical activities. And they're always up for playing games, too! Golden Retriever training should start while they're still a puppy and be done gently. Golden Retrievers respond well to commands, but cannot bear to be scolded or punished.

Golden Retriever Trainability

The Golden Retriever is one of the dog breeds most suited to learning. As such, they're very easy to train, provided you use the right method. These big dogs are very sensitive: encouragement will have a far more positive effect on them than constant scolding which, in the long run, can make them hostile and lose interest in training.

Your Golden Retriever's training should be done with patience, consistency, and kindness. Like many other dogs, they need their training to be a bonding moment with their master. They get much more satisfaction from doing a task perfectly than doing what is expected of them in exchange for a treat. This is a dog who likes to feel useful, so you might as well take the opportunity to train them well!

Golden Retriever Obedience

The Golden Retriever's temperament attributes them exceptional obedience skills. They respond very well to commands, so long as there is a subtle family hierarchy at home. They have no problem being submissive to their master, which greatly facilitates a working relationship - if the master asserts themselves as the leader, of course!


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Golden Retriever Training

While it's never too late to start training your Golden Retriever, it's best to tackle it as early as possible, ideally when your pup is between 8 and 20 weeks old. This is the period during which they are most receptive to learning. Golden Retriever training must be done in order, patiently, and without shouting or constant rebuffing.

  • Hygiene: It is essential to house-train your Golden Retriever. It's the owner's responsibility to train their puppy well and teach them where they can go to do their business. A little bit of positive reinforcement will help your dog learn quickly what is expected of them.

  • Basic Commands: No matter the household, everyone has their place and your dog is no exception. Just like children, they must learn the meaning of certain commands, such as “no”, “stop”, “sit”, or “down”. These commands are learned little by little and are a crucial part of your Golden Retriever's training. You can associate each word with a gesture at the start, to help your pooch better understand its meaning.

  • Good Behaviour: Walking in step or on a lead, stopping at the edge of the pavement, or coming back when called are not innate behaviours; they are another important part of training. Golden Retrievers often lack caution, so learning these behaviours is a vital component of their training, to ensure their safety.

  • Play Sessions: These doggies are cheerful and playful by nature. Successful Golden Retriever training requires a special relationship between the dog and their master. Playing games with them helps to build up their confidence and attachment to you, which makes them want to do well. Games are a fun way to complete part of your Golden Retriever's training

Golden Retrievers are very malleable and, thanks to their great listening skills, easy to train using positive reinforcement. It's enough just to praise them each time they adopt the correct behaviour, by means of a stroke or a kind word. Dog treats can also be used at first, but use them sparingly - keep in mind that Golden Retrievers tend to gain weight easily.

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