It’s very important that your Jack Russell gets to sleep in peace. Firstly, because this is a very energetic dog breed that needs to recover from the day. But also because you yourself need to rest. After all, if your dog doesn’t sleep well, you won’t either! Discover all our tips for choosing the right dog bed for your Jack Russell below.

What Size Dog Bed for a Jack Russell?

When it comes to choosing your dog's bed, size does matter. Contrary to what you might think, there’s no point in choosing a dog bed that’s too large for your dog; a dog bed should be perfectly proportionate to your dog’s size - neither too big nor too small. The Jack Russell is a small breed dog, so a small bed is required. Dogs like to feel surrounded and protected. When lying down, the edges should just touch your dog on all sides, so that they feel safe and secure but not cramped. Choose a dog bed that’s about as wide as your dog when curled into a ball. Also, bear in mind that the size of your dog’s bed will need to change as they grow; a puppy’s bed will not be suitable for them as an adult.

What's the Best Material for a Dog Bed?

Your choice of material will depend greatly on the temperament of your Jack Russell. If your pooch has destructive tendencies, you’ll be better off with a plastic dog bed, which is sturdier and much easier to clean than a fabric or leather dog bed, for example. A plastic dog bed also saves you from pest infestations, such as dust mites. Plastic dog beds are less comfortable than other types of dog bed, but you can make them cosy and comfortable by adding blankets and pillows. If you want a comfortable bed for your dog, opt for fabric or leather, but watch out for your Jack Russell's teeth! In any case, avoid wicker baskets, which are more likely to be destroyed. Your dog could swallow the debris, causing intestinal obstruction or suffocation.


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Where Should I Put My Jack Russell's Bed?

Where you place your Jack Russell’s dog bed is important, too! You can’t put it just anywhere. Be sure to establish boundaries early on. Choose a quiet area, such as a corner of the living room, for example. Your Jack Russell’s bed should be easily accessible. Keep it on the ground so your pooch doesn’t need to jump up to access it; as your dog gets older, repeated jumping could cause joint pain. Place some toys and a bowl of water near your dog’s bed, so they can drink and play at will. Finally, place your dog’s bed in a location that is slightly dark, airy and well-ventilated in summer and warm in winter. Your dog’s sleeping area should be out of the way so that they can rest without fear of being disturbed. As such, if you have children, teach them to respect your Jack Russell’s sleeping habits. No matter how nice your dog is normally, they might react badly to being woken up!

Try to avoid having your dog's bed in your bedroom, so as not to encourage them developing an excessive attachment to you, which could later turn into separation anxiety. This disorder will seriously affect your dog’s quality of life. It can manifest as barking, which will quickly become problematic if you live in an apartment, or destructive tendencies. To prevent this, start teaching your Jack Russell how to be alone as soon as you welcome your young puppy home.

Can Jack Russells Sleep Outside?

If you live in an apartment with your Jack Russell, this question will probably never arise. On the other hand, it is a legitimate question if you live in a big house with a garden. Yes, your Jack Russell can sleep in your garden, provided, of course, that they have a kennel in which to take refuge. As with a dog bed, choose a kennel proportionate to the size of your dog. Ideally, your dog's kennel should be about ten centimetres higher than their standing height. Your Jack Russell should be able to stand up and turn around without touching the walls. We recommend that you choose a wooden kennel, which is more expensive than a plastic kennel but offers better insulation both from the cold and the heat. Wooden kennels are also much sturdier and constitute a better investment in the long term.

Place your dog's kennel in a strategic location, protected from the wind, where your dog can observe their territory unobstructed. Your Jack Russell must be able to come and go as they please. As such, you should never tie your dog up in front of their kennel! They must be able to shelter easily. Remember to place a bowl of fresh water nearby at all times, and especially in summer when the temperature rises. If possible, move the kennel into the shade when it’s very hot. Finally, make sure your garden is very well fenced to prevent your Jack Russell from trying to escape. As a hunting dog, the Jack Russell has a stubborn and inquisitive temperament and is known for running off.

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