Your Pug’s wellbeing is reliant upon them being able to get a good night’s sleep. And this means that your choice of dog bed is just as important as other accessories like their lead or collar. After all, this is where your dog will spend their time resting and recovering. Find out how to choose the ideal dog bed for your Pug below.

What Size Dog Bed for a Pug?

Your dog’s bed should be perfectly proportionate to their size. It’s unnecessary—and even counterproductive—to choose a dog bed that’s too large for your Pug; they won’t be comfortable there. If your dogs like to feel surrounded and protected, opt for a basket-type dog bed with a raised edge. When lying down, the edges should just touch your Pug on all sides, so that they feel safe and secure but not cramped. Some doggies don't like this type of bed, though. In this case, try a pillow dog bed without a rim, a rug, or a dog sofa. Whatever your pup’s preference, choose a dog bed that’s about as wide as your Pug when curled into a ball. Also, bear in mind that the size of your dog’s bed will need to change as they grow; a puppy’s bed will not be suitable for them as an adult. This is true for all dog breeds.

What's the Best Material for a Pug’s Dog Bed?

The choice of material for your dog’s bed is also important and dependent upon several criteria. First, you need to take into account the temperament of your Pug. If your pooch has a nasty habit of chewing the furniture, you’ll be better off with a plastic dog bed, which is much sturdier than other types and also has the advantage of being easy to clean. You can make a plastic dog bed more cosy and comfortable by adding blankets and pillows. There are also leather and fabric dog beds on the market, which are less resistant but generally more comfortable. Finally, you will also find wicker baskets, which we do not recommend because they’re much more likely to be destroyed. Your dog could swallow the debris from a wicker basket, causing intestinal obstruction or suffocation, which would require emergency veterinary intervention. Don’t risk it!


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Where Should I Put My Pug's Bed?

Create a sleeping area for your Pug in a quiet spot, such as a corner of the living room. Your Pug’s bed should be easily accessible to them but out of the way of everyone else so that they can rest without fear of being disturbed. If you have children, teach them to respect your Pug’s sleeping schedule. Even though this dog breed is kind and affectionate by nature, they might have a temper if woken up suddenly. Avoid having the dog bed high up as your dog gets older, as it can place stress on their joints having to jump up to it. Place a bowl of water nearby, especially in the summer, so that your Pug can quench their thirst at will.

But can you have your dog’s bed in your bedroom? This topic is the subject of hot debate. Some think it’s to be avoided at all costs, and others believe it’s no problem. In reality, the answer is more complex. We don’t recommend that you have your dog sleep in your bedroom with you, at least at first. You don’t want to encourage them to get over-attached to you, as this would later lead to separation anxiety. Your dog needs to learn to be alone, including at night. This is an essential step in your Pug’s training. So, resist the urge to let them sleep with you while they’re still a puppy and, later, you may be able to lift this ban if your dog is well trained. 

Can Pugs Sleep Outside?

The Pug is not at all suited to sleeping outdoors in a kennel. First, because they are sensitive to cold and heat, due to their flattened muzzle and short coat, your Pug's health could be seriously affected if left outside overnight. And secondly, because the Pug is a small, popular dog, at high risk of being stolen. A malicious person would have no trouble stealing your pooch away, even if they did bark to sound the alarm. For their safety and your peace of mind, always keep your Pug inside your home with you. Pugs are companion dogs anyway, and much more suited to life indoors. At least, you’ll have no issue living in an apartment with your Pug!

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